Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vogue 1051 for lazy people

Back welt pockets. Look like sly eyes, don't they?

The famous "Alice + Olivia" pant much loved on Pattern Review. One of Vogue's "average" patterns that reads much better in the french : "moins facile". Oh yes it's less easy all right. You know how much less easy? 64 steps less easy.

I knew immediately I was not going to be making all 64 steps first time on a pant. Pants are just too unpredictable. I've been down this path before. Loving crafted fly shields and what not only to have the lot sag and bag because I didn't tape the waist.

So I was not embarking on a 64 step muslin. No siree. But here's the lazy way. Throw out fly shield and draft on a front extension.Front pockets? Gone. My front storage is built-in thank you, and there is plenty of it. Back pockets. Oh I suppose so. Can't really call it the Alice and Olivia pant if I don't employ at least one of the details.  

Besides, I have a "flat dierriere"  (honestly that is the quaint name given to it by fit experts .. not complaining, beats "saggy arse") and it could do with a little spicing up. 

So here's my muslin. I'm likin' them despite being a little big. I had another "ah ha" moment. Maybe I am making my trousers a size too big? There's a lot of bagging, but it could be my fabric choice and a heavy hand with the alterations for a big tum. I am paranoid about making them too small, tis my problem. Nothing looks worse than the saveloy effect, aka "muffin tin."  

I also choose a fabric with a little stretch and disobeyed the instructions about cutting the facings on the warp of the fabric because the stretch only ran through the weft. I have been duly punished. It is sagging through the waist. 

Still, I love the concept of them so I'm going to make them again, only smaller, and only 32 steps. 

Happy holidays everyone. 


  1. Merry Christmas Mary Nanna, and happy new pants to you. They look fab.

  2. How could I have missed this post? Funny! Pants look great, sly eyes and all. Can't wait for the real deal.