Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making progress

Thank you for leaving comments - it's lovely to know that these posts don't just disappear into oblivion. (ah yes, family and friends you are not oblivion but you know what I mean). 

I am making progress on the sewing room. You can see the new colour coming up around the door. Now here's a funny thing: I planned to use a completely different colour - one that we used in another part of the house. You know the rules: no more than 3 colours in the house otherwise the place doesn't cohere as you walk from room to room.

But the minute I started painting the edges I knew it was wrong. "The room doesn't want to be painted this colour," I said to TMB. He rolled his eyes - that from him who takes horoscopes seriously. 

What to do? We had the paint, we had the energy, we had a sleeping baby. I plugged on for another hour but it just felt wrong. In the end I realised what was wrong - I did, in fact, have a vision for how I wanted the room to look and that colour did not promote the mood of that vision.

The colour I had in mind is the colour of my blog: soothing and refreshing green. There was nothing for it but to go to the paint shop. I went in, took a look at the thousands of greens and within 10 seconds found the shade I could see in my mind. I bought the paint, came home and started re-doing the edges. 

Honestly you could hear the walls sighing with relief.  

It was an important lesson for me in trusting my instinct. So often with sewing something I have a bad feeling about some aspect of the design or fabric and I am usually right. I think I need to take more time to find projects I feel excited about, to work with instinct more and intellect less.  


  1. Hey I have this great mental image of your new room decor being entirely your blog- a white notice board with orange pins, photos all around the walls, and lots of beautiful things for us to look at!

    Ha ha ha! I think I might be blog obsessed.

  2. Nice colour! It looks similar to the green we painted our kitchen, laundry and my sewing room (well not sewing room exactly, more the area where my sewing table is squeezed in by the back door. I think we used Aspiring by Resene.

    We're currently trying to decide on exterior colours for our house. Now there's a challenge...

  3. Hey we used a very similar colour to that in our living room ('bud'by Resene and in the kitchen on the cupboards with a yellow on the walls and then we went and painted the whole roof with it (jungle green-Resene) and the whole house yellow (faith-Resene). Then the front door in a darker green (druid-Resene). So it's a great colour to live with/in and you're quite right to follow your instincts...If you don't mind my observation I think with your sewing sometimes the predominant factor is your sense of humour...Where would we be without it! (and perhaps my problem with sewing is a lack of humour ie taking things far too seriously)

  4. I like green too. My daughter says its my favorite color. Last year, I bought too many fabrics in different shades of green. This year, I'm trying new colors, like teal and dark shades of blue.