Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pet loves

As the year draws to a close I find myself reminiscing on my pet blogging loves this year. 

1) Aussie Sewing Blogs / Kiwi craft blogs.

What a lot of beautiful creative stuff I have seen this year.  Of course there are lots of beautiful blogs from everywhere but the ingenuity of the kiwi craft sites always impresses. Likewise (and I will say this only once), the Aussie sewing blogs have been terrific.  What's the chances of finding a sewing blog of someone who has the same size, figure, colouring and taste? None. So I just read sewing blogs that capture my imagination in some way, and a surprising number have been from over the ditch. 

2) Beautiful photography on blogs.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I feel compelled to leave messages that say "lovely photograph."  over and over - cause it really is.

3) High drama on blogs

Don't you love walking in on a spat? My favourite this year was the person who left a comment on a very worthy seamstress' blog, "don't take this the wrong way, but your English isn't good enough to be home-schooling your kids." Tell me please, is there a right way to take that?

4) Wadder revellery.

I love it when people make awful stuff.  I call it "craft flop schadenfreude" and what a thrill I get to see other people's bin liners.  But only if the people usually make beautiful stuff, mind. It would be a bit sad if it was always just the occasional reminder of humanity, the comraderie of knowing other people struggle too.

5) Pattern Review

not really a blog but a great big website full of people who can talk fabric and seam allowances till the cows come home. After a while some interesting characters emerge, like the guy who sews for his wife. He makes her shirt dresses and smocks and patch worked tea cosies and  and table mats. But he will never discuss her size or alterations, "a gentleman never tells."

6) Understanding the 3-5-2 rule applies to nearly everyone

Whether sewing or purchasing, a third of your clothes you will hate (trousers that need hitching up, cross over tops that pop open etc)  half you will tolerate (colour and fit ok, but no spark) and a fifth you will love and feel so good in.   

7) Ditching the stat counter. 

The best blogging moment I had this year was when I no longer cared whether anyone was reading my blog or not. As far as I am aware, just a few friends and family members are reading this. 

Hi guys! 


  1. I read your blog.
    The voices tell me to.
    They come from the (not one but two) unused sewing machines in my house. One was purchased in 1968 and I'm told sews like a dream. I don't know how it sews but I hear it's voice loud and clear.

    "Read those sewing blogs!"
    That's just what they say.

  2. And you can be darn sure I read your blog too, in fact your posts have more than once led to me laughing coffee all over my computer keyboard.

    My pet love of 2008: My sister started a blog.

  3. 7. And me now! Hey!

    Love the pet loves. Totally missed the drama though. I must hang out on tame blogs. Well... except those political ones. They can get a bit strange at times.

  4. Thank you for adding #7! Guilty, here. I added a sitemeter, but after two reports, I finally got over it. I finally reached the point where I don't have an aching need to check up on my #s. I believe that the closer, tighter knit my readers and I are, the better. For one thing, I most likely won't be getting those "don't take this the wrong way" comments, which I got on my first blog now defunct. And second, I don't feel I must "put out," or frequently share stuff, a feeling I had with my first blog and my #s climbed.