Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello there, blog friends and family, remember me?  I am still here, never fear.  And here's a little treat I have for you today: Karen's Studded Shoulder Bag, from Pieceful Life Designs.  She sells her bag patterns through Patchwork passion and apparently if you email them they will send it out to you, including international purchases. Link here:

Isn't she a beauty? Isn't this so totally me? Let me count the ways.

1) made with lilac tweed purchased from thrift shop

2) lined with fake shantung purchased from thrift shop. Pattern includes internal pocket and key ring.

3) wouldn't the Queen mum have just loved its delightful texture in shades of lavender?

4) the kit of hardware you purchase with the bag pattern has really good quality sturdy studs.

5) it neatly fits all things required for my lifestyle - sunglasses, umbrella (often used simultaneously) sketch book, purse, keys, snack box.

6) the proportions of the bag are really aesthetically as well as practically pleasing. I have included a body shot so you can see how the bag sits on the body. 

a new bag with an old bag

We made the bag in our sewing guild meeting, and we were lucky enough to have Karen (the designer of the bags) herself be our tutor. A whole day of uninterrupted sewing. A room full of sewing enthusiasts. Learning new techniques. Priceless.

Sometime this weekend I will write a Pattern Review for this bag and enter it into the bag making competition. It would be nice to win of course, but if there is one thing I have learned from my journey over the last couple of years, sometimes just being able to participate is a victory in itself.