Friday, December 19, 2008

The three ages of skirt

The skirt I am currently making (mccall's 5429), and top stitching with pride, is one from a pattern which I call the the three ages of skirt. They are all denim skirts: a mini for youth, a middly for further on the lifecyle, and a maxi for the later years. 

In typical kiwi style I refer to them as lamb, mutton and hogget. I am making "mutton."  It's full length, with a bit of flirt at the bottom to balance up the waist which has thickened, but not yet disappeared. 

I had to consult on the wisdom of this pattern choice and I have been affirmed by my neighbour Jenni-from-across-the-road that it is not too exclusive bretheren-like. "It may cover the ankles" she said, "but there's some gaiety in the fullness and joy in the abundance of topstitching." Yes, all too frivilous for that particular religious sect.

Still, I admit to some reluctance in its construction. I had to go out and buy a topstitching needle and that was an afternoon's work with baby in tow.  I have also had a growth of some description removed from my arm and it is still sore, making sewing difficult. But mostly it's a lack of enthusiasm for the project itself. I think I have out-nanna-ed myself on this one: I have a sinking suspicion that I am going to look like mutton dressed as hogget.  

When I apply the acid test, 'if you saw this garment on the racks of a shop, would you ask to try it on?" I am not convinced of my answer. 

I am making very, very slow progress.

line art for M5429

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  1. I can be honest because I am your sister. The minute I read "full length denim skirt" I thought "Brethren". But all power to you for giving it a go.

    A trite saying springs to mind "If you're not making mistakes, you're not making anything"