Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The "arranged" pant

Do you know what my biggest sewing issue is? 

It's not fit. It's not construction. It's taste. At least a quarter of all things I make never get an outing. They are simply too awful to wear.

One of the reasons I love Pattern Review is there is plenty of visual evidence to suggest I am not alone. 

That's why I like rules. Do you get the feeling that Trinny and Susannah are not naturally stylish? I get the feeling that they have their look and a set of rules and it's all pretty much style by numbers. Works though. They do look great. 

So I'm having a go at style by numbers. No more falling in love with patterns and fabrics. I am going to have the equivalent of the arranged marriage for sewers: choice by compatibility and suitability.

These linen trousers (Burda 7835) I am planning are case in point. I am going to make the view without the little sausage casing at the bottom and in beige. Their porridge like colour will be compatible with little grabbing weetbix fingers. Their high waist will stop unpleasant peaks at grubby underwear. The rules are bootleg cut to balance narrow shoulders. It's an easy pattern and should come together quite quickly. And linen will be cool in what is promising to be a stinking hot summer.

Ticks all the boxes, except passion. 


  1. Strangely enough, Mary Nanna, I just bought a pair of straight-legged porridge-coloured linen/cotton pants, with brown satin trim on the pockets. I think that like many arranged marriages, "love will come with time".

  2. You realise that once it's finished we are expecting to see it modelled with the same pose and expression as in the picture...