Saturday, December 13, 2008

pocket candy

I have found something to sex up the pockets of my arranged pant. I purchased this cute iron-on wood block of native bird in native tree to adorn my back left cheek. You can see the fabric onto which it will be sewn in the background. Porridge linen, which I believe would be apocryphal if were peanut butter sandwich linen, or wheety linen.

I bought a few other delights back from Dunedin with me. If you read my sister's blog (Miss Smith at home) you will know the sad reason for our trip, but there were compensations. Like 2 days of child free shopping in between hospital visits. 

Unless you actually live in your hometown it's a little surreal going back. I was unsure what to pack. Is it really as cold as I
remembered? Surely I am overreacting by packing a full length woolen coat, this late in the year. I arrived first thing in the morning and although the air was fresh it wasn't overly cool and I chided myself for my over-reaction. 

Until the afternoon,when it clouded over. Suddenly it seemed very crisp indeed and I resurrected my favourite childhood habit of going to bed fully clothed, minus the shoes - my one concession to adult-hood being that I took off my coat first.

When I arrived back in Auckland, the first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the terminal was not so much the warmth but that I no longer felt cold and I removed the coat, which had almost become hermetically sealed to my body.

It was nice to have a break from sewing and I think part of the reason I sew so much these days is that it gives me a tiny little bit of head space every day.  But now I am back to life at home with a cute lovable demanding toddler (is there any other kind?) and carving out a minute or two to sew one seam at a time. 


  1. Sex up your arranged pants? Scandelous! And are arranged pants what you are supposed to wear to an arranged marriage? I love the bird drawing. Glad you are home safe. I thought about you and miss smith the whole time.

  2. Hope you had a good trip home yesterday. I bet the boys were pleased to see you!

  3. I'm very sorry for your loss in Dunedin. I love the woodcut!

  4. Have been thinking of you and Miss Smith up in Dunedin. What a difficult chapter. I will continue to hold both of you in my thoughts.

    I love the sexed-up pocket transfer! Wow, what a cool woodcut.

    And no, there is no other type of healthy toddler. Sometimes going away and coming home again can feel very hard for me...I get out of my rhythm and then feel less up to the task instead of more. Hope it's not the same for you!!!