Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mini dress

Ok .. so I finished my dress. Hmmmmmmmmm... I don't often say this but I think the style is too young for me. I've only just now realised the pattern describes itself as "mini dress."  

When I made it as a muslin I made the tunic length and wore it over jeans. It's perfect for that. Tim Gunn would approve of the proportions. But over leggings.. it just doesn't work. 

Too bad. It's too hot and this mutton is going a lambin'. 

For my next dress, believe it or not, I am thinking of going back to the shirt dress. I'm sure it can be made to work. The kiss of death was the polycotton and welt pockets. If you are thinking of making something retro ironic and make this pattern please do not even think about putting those pockets in. They just say, "doctor, her BP is 180/100." 

This time, I've got some genuine retro shirt fabric and no-one is going to mistake me for a nurse. 


  1. "This mutton is going a lambin'."

    Let me go get my pen because I love that one almost as much as "bossy boots."

    But the wide belt ties it all together very stylishly! And you are so beyond me with sewing terms like...a muslin, welt pockets, polycotton...

  2. Do you know what? I've never liked leggings. I reckon it it's a success over jeans it's a success full stop!
    Jeans are also friends of "grooming-shy" women.

  3. It must classified a success as you've worn it once, even though it was only for the photo!

  4. I'm so sorry to be obnoxious by leaving two comments, but "grooming-shy!" Yes, I like jeans too, for that reason.

  5. I thought I could get used to leggings for the obvious reason: drastic weight change. Though they were comfortable, they were not suited for my age, and paired with mini dresses, I felt like I was trying too hard to look chic. Never mind "geek chic." Now I'm back to jeans. But to get rid of my old collegiate look I kept hanging onto, I narrowed down my jeans to only the dark washes.