Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I missed Froctober and Sewtember, but I'm on track to get my dress finished for Dressember. I am making view E of Newlook 6727.

I actually sewed a muslin for this one. It was even reasonably successful. I have a much higher success rate these days after I changed my definition of success: I now consider it successful if I wear it once. 

You know what it's like when you've had a baby.. it's 4 dress sizes in a year. Pregnancy, birth, lactation.. they all change bibs and bo(o)bs up and down. Well, mainly up, truth be told. But a little down again now. Try fitting a dress under those circumstances! 

My muslin is now too big, having fit it several months ago. I'm quite pleased I've got a reason to ditch it actually, because I made it in polyester, which is a very cruel fabric in a humid climate. 

Do you know what really appeals about this dress? It's designed to wear leggings underneath. That way, when I'm a little lax with the wax and fake bake no-one will know. 

Leggings are the "grooming shy" woman's friend. 

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  1. "Groom-shy"

    What a great expression.

    This morning I made some truly horrible muffins. They are "yum-shy".

    By the way, do you remember when we went to that Yum-cha and had chicken's feet? I was reminiscing about that last night.