Saturday, December 20, 2008

Embracing my inner doily

It is clear from the consistency in my pattern choices that I am drawn towards nanna chic in all its outmoded glory.  I cannot fight my predilection towards all that is dated and fogeyed. Therefore I have decided to embrace my inner doily. 

I hope you can see the topstitching in this skirt (mccalls 5429). I used a topstitching needle, thread, foot, stitch length and had a grand old time.


  1. hello Mary Nanna,
    I followed you here from my blog, and I'm so glad I did...a seamstress (I do like it better than sewer) with a wicked sense of humour! I love the phrase nanna chic and will be following your exploits closely.

  2. Top stitching ahoy! Good for you MaryNanna!

  3. Hi Mary Nanna, I'm glad to hear you're making the pants!! I can't rave enough about that pattern, and can't wait to see your finished result.

  4. good afternoon Mary Nanna - I appreciate your floor length skirt but you know I think it would have looked fabulous on you at Knee length. not that Im suggesting anything about the full length version mind you.