Monday, December 15, 2008

Party pieces.

If you are at all looking for a party piece of jewellery to break the ice at your next social gathering may I recommend to you a knitted licorice-allsorts necklace?  

I have got to say, Dunedin is one cracker of a city. I don't know where else you would find such a treasure in the souvenir shop.

Here are the pants - this has got to be the fastest ever trouser pattern (Burda 7835). I cut it out the night I got back and sewed it in a Benjy sleep. That fast. 

Of course, I made a few alterations to achieve a reasonable fit and of course, after a couple of hours wearing they have bagged and sagged out a size. I hate loose weave fabrics. You never know how far they are going to stretch. It's like my trip to the doctor this morning. She's always late, but how late? So I always go on time, just in case. Today she was 40 minutes late. My trousers are the equivalent annoyance factor too big.

Sigh. That's why we have belts I guess.


  1. hi there mary nanna, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comments on my pants. I worked really hard on them so that makes my day :o)
    I like your licorice necklace- good enough to eat!

  2. I'm lovin those pants! They have worked out so well and that woodcut is just natty. I'm wondering why I didn't buy one myself. I must have been too caught up in the Dunedin "short arms, deep pockets" mentality.

  3. The pants look the pocket detail. xx