Monday, December 8, 2008

New look for an old bird

You asked for fierce, Tyra. (thank you Miss Smith) 

Me and my photographer have a little difficulty getting our shot. He takes one, I have a look at it and say, "no no, look, you can see my double chin." He takes another one, and I say, "no, no  it has to be full length so they can see the proportions."  He takes another one and I say, "but I look so fierce." And then he refuses to take any more photos.

Anyway, here is another dress for Dressember. It is very 1950's housewife, no?

It has little pleats around the neck line and an adorable cap sleeve. It has no zipper, no facings. How easy is that? And the little matching belt reminds me of kinder days, when I had a waist.


  1. I believe the name you are thinking of might be "Tyra".

    Mary Nanna, that's a winner, that dress. It pulsates with 1950s charm.
    I LOVE it.

  2. I didn't get a chance to leave a comment last week. I was too busy trawling the internet spending my birthday money, hooray! I thought mini dress worked really well apart from the sleeves which would be difficult for anyone to pull off, so to speak. It is a contemporary look and not age-inappropiate at all in my opinion.Of course from the vantage of 45 everything/one else looks young and fresh. Love the flowers with cobwebs;that's my kind of decorating.