Monday, November 3, 2008

Make it work

Here's what I did about Halloween. When the trick or treaters came to my door I had a question of my own: twix or mars? That's right people, I caved. Could not deny them their bit of fun and chocolate. And what's more I'm glad I did - they were so happy and they looked so cute I would have felt a very bad sport indeed.  

Way hey Benjy.. things are looking up.. you may even get a christmas present this year!

Now on to more important sewing business. In the search for the perfect stay at home mum wardrobe I am reading a few books on putting together a successful look. I've just finished Tim Gunn's guide to style and loved every witty minute of it.  Sample text: "Unless you are Dolly Parton you will not be wanting to draw attention to your full bust (and if you are, hi Dolly!)" 

I was fascinated to read his explanation behind "make it work." The fact is, when you are creating a garment, the minute it goes pear-shaped you cannot ditch it because it already represents considerable effort in terms of time and money. What's more, even by starting again there will be new problems to solve... the process is never without error -  ergo: make it work.

I had my own 'make it work' moments with this weekend's sewing adventure. This pattern is the same as the chambray (Simplicity 2936) but I changed the sleeve. On the pattern there is an adorable little tie on the sleeve (view c). I had visions of white poly cotton ribbons, milk bar waitress style.  Of course, the last thing I needed was a great big frill on my bust line, let alone TWO. It had to go, and in it's place this discreet band with button detail.
Thanks Tim.


  1. Lovin' that shirt! Lovin' that fabric! You sho did "make it work". Yes you know my Friday nights just aren't the same without Project Runway and Tim Gunn. I will have to read that book myself because my wardrobe at the moment could be described as "just got outa bed and picked up what was on the floor from yesterday" (whether or not I actually did that).

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! Great top- I love the stripes!