Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Celebrating the delights of life

After 5 years of bahumbuggery TMB and I have decided to celebrate Christmas. He was bought up in a differently religioned household, whereas I got to enjoy advent calendars and presents.

What does Christmas mean to us now? Well, it's summer and that means holidays, ease and leisure, "the delights of being alive".

I am working on Christmas tree alternatives with this arrangement. Tatara looks a lot like holly after a few chardonnays and Oleria is almost pine needle like.  The ric rac  brings in some much needed colour.  I went out to Spotlight looking for their Pohutawaka print but it was all sold out. Guess I'm not the only one thinking of summer time substitution.


  1. just out of interest we have a real Christmas tree growing outside our backdoor, not like the ones you buy. The pine cones start out like red candles on the tips of the branches, upright and they look amazing-as if the tree is covered in candles. As they grow they turn purple and slowly rotate, by weight until they hang down and go a brown colour but still very beautiful. Their growth cycle is over three years and its only produced them in the last two years so still waiting to see the full journey. I think we'll just put a star on top of the tree and look out the window this year, although I have entered a prize draw for a Christmas decoration...possibly a robotic santa?

  2. Hey, hey what the-?! Miri how did you know that my christmas decos involved robots?

    I like your flower arrangement MaryNanna, your blog byline is now 100% accurate!

  3. Thanks for popping on over to my blog. How cool to find another PR member from NZ! As for Spotlight Pohutakawa fabric - I think Dunedin had some last time I was in there. Have you tried an interstore order from one of the other Nth Island stores?

  4. I'm with you on the "just what is Christmas like". I was in tow mids about father Christmas until I went to my first kid's party. I think I will have to give in on that one, but no snow, definitely now snowy or snowy decorations.