Friday, November 7, 2008

Just ditch it

Look at these lovely badges gifted to me on Benjy's birthday. Yes, that's right - he's too young to appreciate a birthday present but I am happy to receive on his behalf.

They depict a seamstress wigging out. In one, she's totally confused at how to put the pattern pieces together. In another, she's approaching the mirror in trepidation for a fitting, and in the last one she's looking at her fabric, and her dress form, in complete terror.

Aah such familiar scenes to any keen home sewer! 

I am reminded of the time I left a comment on someone's review on Pattern Review that said, "just ditch it."

It was one of those reviews, like a horror movie, that you could actually visualise how it all unravelled with every word.  Rule number 1: always use the recommended fabrics. Broken. Rule number 2: always check the finished measurements before beginning sewing. Broken. Rule number 3: know your figure type and don't be persuaded by how lovely it looks on the model. Broken, broken, broken.

How many times have your broken those rules? Me - more times than I care to remember. That's when I get out my little pink bag and send it all off,  threads trimmed, to Save Mart. Let someone else enjoy it. Someone will. But me, it's time to move on. 

I am reminded of that great quote:  sometimes it's better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

ps Miss Smith, can you leave details in a comment about where to source these fabulous badges?

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  1. Oh yes, I can. I found these fabulous badges in the etsy store of Stitchy McYarnpants. She makes them out of old magazines and stuff so it is unlikely the frustrated seamstress will reappear, but there will be plenty of other treats there I'm sure.