Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The day dress

Now that I am not biologically consigned to separates I've been thinking about sewing a dress. I keep coming back to the good ol' shirt dress and this pattern from Simplicity 2996 looks to fit the bill. I would like to add piping to the collar and sleeve details, and naturally a not insignificant amount of top stitching.  I thought I might even buy a top stitching needle and special thread and do it with pride! 

However, warning bells are going off. There are only a handful of garments I have never finished sewing and a dress from vogue, with alarmingly similar proportions, was one of them.  

In an attempt to be helpful, this shirtdress comes in 4 cup sizes A-D, but unless they stretch to a double Z it's no use to me.  I looked up this dress on Pattern Review and the 2 people who made it before me did a good job.. still I feel nervous.

Tim Gunn's capsule wardrobe consists of 2 day dresses, so I feel affirmed in my desire to have a dress. His rationale? Dresses look, well, dressy, and you don't have to coordinate a top and a bottom.

Ok .. here's what I'm thinking.. I'm thinking light denim, red topstiching and the knee length A line number.. I'm also thinking shorter sleeve option, maybe the cap or three quarter.. please save me a lot of grief and tell me if I'm way off..

You know how in Project Runway there's that look of rapture on the designers' faces as the models come down the catwalk and then they get a roasting from Michael Kors? I'm having that kind of, nice idea, but you've missed the mark, feeling.



  1. I think your fashion vision is on the mark, Mary Nanna. I've always thought that Tim Gunns wardrobes that he puts together are pretty fantastic, so if he says do it, then do it.

  2. Sounds like a pretty great dress to me. And I agree, if Tim Gunn recommends dresses then that's enough for me. I luffs Tim Gunn...

    Make it work Mary Nanna!

  3. Your fashion vision is spot on. It looks like a classic dress that won't date. Love to see your dress when it's finished.