Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The stash of shame

I have difficulty with stashes and I know I am not alone.  Before I joined Pattern Review I'd never heard of a "stash fast" and now I see everyone's on a fabric diet.  There are sewers out there who count meterage like calories.  "I had a real binge today:  2 fat quarters and a 3 big ones down at Spotlight"  or "Used up something from my stash today.. great .. only 20kgs of fabric left"

That last part is no joke. There are people who have over a kilometre of fabric in their stashes.  

Amazing.  My weakness is sale time. If there's a bargain to be had then I think, "good time to stock up on basics." Then before I know it I have several projects to sew. 

I find it very oppressive. If there's one thing I hate it's having a to-do list. 

That's why I try to exercise modesty and restraint. I only bought 2 patterns half price today at the McCalls sale and they were basics I'd had in mind for quite some time. 

One is a denim skirt and the other a basic T, but you know they will look very *special* by the time I've finished with them! 

I'm convinced that's the way to do a stay at home mum wardrobe, basics, with a twist. 


  1. I used to have a fabric stash, then I gave a lot of it away, because I didn't love the fabrics any more. But now I've started accumulating them again, but only small amounts. I must come from a family of hoarders, my mother has knitting wool from her mother's stash. By the way I'm plucking up the courage to make Simplicity 2936, have the pattern and the fabric, just need to cut it out and sew.
    take care

  2. I love having a stash, because by the time I use the fabric I've forgotten about paying for it, so it feels like I've made something for free! I try and keep mine only as big as the washing basket though, and sometimes that means I have to have purges...

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