Monday, November 24, 2008

Another day, another bag

I made this bag for my sister Miri for her birthday. I had heard she would enjoy something handmade. Well this bag end up being way more hand made than I ever anticipated.

I used Kwiksew 3312, view B. I also knew Miri would appreciate my thrift in making this bag, as she is a very resourceful person herself. The bag is made from a blanket and lined with a sheet. Pattern and cord from stash. Embroidery inserted into a window so it sits flat with the outer.

I used the lining as the outer guide, and the outer guide as the lining, reversing the proportions. This ended up being a mistake. My machine could not sew through 4 layers of blanket, something that never occured to me as I was cutting out. Too late!  I didn't discover my error to the very last stage of construction, when everything had been cut and overlocked. So I got out my thickest darning needle and hand turned it.

Needless to say, it's not as strong as I would have liked. Not for library books or supermarket shopping. For light shopping and lunching, I would say. 

Happy Birthday Miri (don't worry, there's another present as well so you will have a surprise to open on the day). 


  1. Virry nice! I like the blankie re-use, very thrifty of you!

  2. had a bit of trouble with the internet/post/phone lines/newspaper delivery; that's all part of rural life but there are many other compensations. Anyway, just got online again only to see my present, hooray. I think it looks wonderful. You have no idea how much I use bags and baskets. Bill is going to do a painting of me surrounded by baskets one day and call it 'basket case'. I suppose he could also do one with my bags and call it 'bag lady'...but that would be a big mistake.

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