Sunday, November 9, 2008

How I do it

In answer to the question, how do I find time to look after a baby, sew and blog about it, my answer is simple: neglect. 

The dishwasher always needs emptying, clothes put in the washing machine, put on the line or taken off.  Food needs to be re-shelved, benches wiped down, detritus and miscellanea dealt to. 

I am not one of those super women who do it all - quite the opposite - I am one of those ordinary woman who avoid as much as possible.

I take my cue from the oft quoted "oxygen principle" - I've never heard anyone say you should put the mask on your housework before yourself or child. 

When it comes to the writing, I find it incredibly easy to talk about sewing. I could just talk and talk and talk about it, so I never suffer from bloggers' block. I was worried at first, given how long it takes to sew something, how I would be able to sustain a Monday to Friday blog spot.

I have adopted the rule of all procrastinators: just because you don't do something, doesn't mean you can't talk about it. 

This weekend the state of the house got to me, even me, who likes to surrounded by creative chaos. I spent my precious sewing time cleaning up.  That being said, on Friday I finished another hoodie (Simplicity 3640), so I do have something to show, as well as tell.


  1. Ah - the broderie angalise in the hoodie. Delightful. Today I was reminded again how important it is for teachers to attempt to like their students even when they don't. Ive just spent some time with a demoralised thomas reluctantly doing some last minute and very late homework for a P.E teacher who he believes hates him. Believing something is as good as it beng true when you are a teenager. The angst of parenting!!! I am truly very tempted to buy that hoodiem pattern.

  2. That hoodie is so chatty. It says "I came from a clever sewer who puts together great quirky combinations of fabric to make something truly unique instead of the usual 'mummy-sweats-outfit'. And you should see all the other stuff she makes it's really cool too"
    That's what it says, and it swears when no one's watching because it's also a little bit cheeky and naughty. Just like you.

  3. hey nanna, i've just seen my house in your blog but I don't think I have ever articulated the issue so clearly: neglect. The heart of the matter is that when I'm doing something I enjoy it energises me but housework drains me. So given that there are only so many hours in the day, which is the best use of my time? Incidentally, the last cleaning book I was browsing through said never use your best time for cleaning but fit it around your interests. At that point I put the book down and thought that's all I need to know. Actually things have deteriorated so much since Mama moved out that I've put myself back on the 12 step fly-lady programme (15mins h/work a day etc).

  4. Hey that wasn't anonymous it was me. How do I get my name on this thing...Miri