Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ra Ra de Ra Ra skirt

well well well 

I was really expecting this to be a wadder. All the signs were bad... the fabric after prewashing came out like plastic. I doubted my vision of a ra-ra skirt (Simplicity 3881) for the middle aged. But friends this one really looks so lovely on. I highly recommend it for those of us with a generous girth who want to be flirty, but dignified. 

What's more, I used my overlocker to do all the gathering and a rolled hem so it came together in a jiffy. I also used up some old smocked table napkins in the lower tier so that's some more guilt assuaged from my stash.  

Now that's really something to get rara-ed about. 


  1. Very coool skirt! Did you follow a pattern or an idea in your head? Love the idea of using smocked napkins.

  2. Good point - should always put pattern number in main text..

    Simplicity 3881 .. highly recommend - not even any easy is that?????

  3. Oooh all that gingham and napkins is making me feel hungry! I could eat a picnic off your lovely new skirt.

    Hey all this talk of wardrobe-building lately has made me vow to improve mine- I'm going with the Tim Gunn 10 essentials and today I bought my trench coat. It makes me feel all secretive and sneaky like a spy!

  4. I find your new skirt delightful! I am seeing it swishing along on a beach or in the garden.
    It took me awhile to re-embrace feminine clothes, post babies everything seemed so utilitarian and had so much potential for being stained or barfed-upon. But now I hardly wear anything but skirts in summer...further away from the barfy stage, I guess!

    Lovely, I wish you would model it when you wear it out!!!