Friday, October 31, 2008

Thrifters delight

I took my camera to the op shop this morning because I wanted to prove to you that there WAS an empty wine bottle for sale for $5. And it was gone! How's about that! I could see how this could turn into a win-win situation. Next time TMB does the supermarket shopping I'll get him to pick up a bottle of "Azure Bay" and then when I'm finished with it the good people at the Army can turn it into funding for their alcohol rehabilitation programme.

On the way I was thinking up aphorisms to wrap around the pinky bars for the Trick or Treaters. I rejected, "don't send me your dental bill," in case any of the accompanying parents got any ideas, but "have you eaten your veggies yet" is still a contender.

The poor parents. I remember one year when we went out walking there were 2 mums with a bottle of chardonany in hand. I reckon I'll need that and more when it comes my turn to traipse round houses with a collection of children dressed as ghouls.

On to the sewing. I can see why it is I have such an antagonistic attitude to changing cultural norms. It was because I was clearly meant to have been born in Jane Austin's time. Look at my craft activity for this evening. I am going to trim this bonnet with buttons and bows.  

Now thrifters out there will be interested to learn that I cut this bonnet (Vogue 8405) out in the same yardage as a bias cut skirt (Butterick 4522).  Bias skirts hog so much fabric, but this little sun hat fits right into the odd shapes left behind.  And of course I bought the patterns on sale for half price!


  1. Hey, hey what the- You're posting faster than I can comment! Love the hat! And I am also very inspired by your plan to give salient and wise messages to the young culturally indoctrinated ghouls who will traipse up to your door tonight. I may do the same thing, or maybe I will revert to my original plan of closing the curtains and hiding. We all love 'hide and seek' so we could make it into some wholesome FAMILY fun.

  2. Don't worry - not posting over the weekend.. you know how it is..zeal of the newly converted!