Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you a smug sewer? Take this quiz to find out:

Are you a smug sewer? Give yourself one point for every "yes" answer.
Have you ever..

1) said to a friend, "did you make that?" in shocked tones, and not meant it in a good way.
2) turned something your friend has made inside out and inspected the seams.
3) said to a friend, "nice job on the skirt, nice detailing on the hem, but have you considered doing a flat dierriere adjustment?"
4) left a message on a Pattern Review that said, "just ditch it."
5) "Love the coat, but I can see I need to show you how to ease in a sleeve correctly."
6) Gone to a fabric sale and only bought one piece of fabric because you don't keep a stash.
7) Gone to a pattern sale and only bought one pattern because you don't like starting a new project until the old one is completely finished.
8) Had a project gone horrendously wrong and not uttered a single cuss word.
9) Said to a friend, "lovely skirt, I love the way it hangs" and then grabbed it while still on the friend and worked out the drafting and construction so you could copy it.
10) Logged into the beginner's forum on Pattern Review and answered a newbie's question.

I would hate to tell you my score on the above test, but put it like this, I found it a very easy questionnaire to construct.

However, I feel a little entitled to a little smuggery because I have been sewing now for over 30 years and have more projects go straight out to Save Mart in a little pink bag than my son has had hot dinners. 

Now if I can speak directly to number 6. I went to the Karen Walker sale at Epsom Girls Grammar and only bought one piece of fabric. This piece of chambray.  I had to lower the button holes to accommodate the ric rac so now it gapes slightly and I haven't been able to rectify it with a hook and eye. When I get round to it I'll try a small dome. 

I also have such a backlog of reviews to post on Pattern Review.  I haven't quite worked out a way to get a flattering shot of me in my kit. TMB has many skills, kind photography not being one of them. Maybe I just need to find the "soft focus" option on the editing page.

Anyway, I want Helen Clark's campaign photographer. There's someone who can work miracles.

So here is Simplicity 2936. Those of you who are more interested in technical sewing detail will soon be able to read my review of it on Pattern Review. 


  1. Hey guess what? I'm not a smug sewer! But I love that you are. It's in a very good way. Next time I come to Auckland I'm going to wear something I've made for you to scrutinize!

  2. Just ran across your blog. So much fun to read. I have put a little "bookmark" on my computer to help me find you again. Thanks for the fun.

  3. Having once (long ago) removed many a wrinkle from Winston Peters' face for a campaign poster (oh, and the balls from Spot, the Telecom dog), I'm sure I can help give you the look you're after. Loving it! :)