Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The nature of the beast

Writing a blog and reading a blog are as different as watching a game of sport and playing. Once you become a stakeholder, perspectives shift. 

Now I find myself following my own advice: this blog has got to be for me. Here's what I mean: for people who are very keen home sewers there'll be too much commentary and not enough sewing. For people who are not at all interested in sewing, it'll be "less stitch, more bitch."

I have learnt a lot from other people's blogs. I've learnt that a blog is not a diary. Much as it seems that most of the time you are writing into a void in the privacy of your bedroom and in your pyjamas,  you do, in fact, have an audience, even it the stat counter tells you the biggest repeat visitor is yourself.
I have learnt that the blogs I return to most have lovely craft or lovely sewing and the people are clearly lovely too. But not too lovely.  For example, if there has been a long stretch of bad weather and they've been stuck in doors with their 3 pre school age children they don't play,"count-the-many-ways-I-love-you game."

They might play the "put your coats on and stomp in the puddles and pretend you're a duck and then traipse back into the house with your muddy gumboots and pretend you're a pig"  game.  Followed by the "oh let's watch daddy clean it all up," game. Then there will a photo close up of the lovely hand knitted jumpers the children are wearing and perhaps one of a cute little home sewn coat - with instructions - too.

Now that's my kind of blog.

Oh yes right, on with the sewing.  I have been thinking a lot about what makes the perfect stay at home mum wardrobe. My neighbour, Jenni from Across the Road (JAR), have agreed that we need to have Trinny and Susannah come in and make over our wardrobes, but without the questions about our sex lives.
This is the perfect hoodie for more generously proportioned  people, or as the women's magazines describe "our Rach" (Rachel Hunter for non-kiwi readers) "curvaceous."
The princess seams allow easy fitting (ie - easy expansion) the strong verticals are flattering.  This pattern, Simplicity 3640, gives directions for adding a lining to the hood so I put in some of this vintage fabric.

Hoodie's are perfect for this lifestyle too. They are comfy and warm and you can just chuck 'em in the wash when they get covered in weetbix


  1. Oh my wowness, that is one STYLEY hoody. I am tempted to copy it instantly.
    Your blog has this audience member enthralled! I love your witty banter surrounding the little sewing gems of advice (or smuggery, whatever).

  2. Dear mary nana - i too love your hoodie. So much so I might just race off and buy the pattern and have a go at one myself. i have really enjoyed your first few entries. Like listening to a book read aloud on the radio or waiting for the next episode of shortland street.