Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you have a sewing policy?

The only reason I'm asking is that it's very useful to have one. The other day our cleaner asked me to take up her husband's trousers. "Won't take you a moment," she said "you've got everything set up in that room."  

Now we all know it will take a moment, very much more than a moment, a whole hour in fact. We also know that it will not be fun, it will be quite the opposite. What's more, a baby does not take care of itself for an hour while you run up your cleaner's trousers.

"Oh," I said "I'm very sorry Pat, but I have a strict no-sew policy. I only sew for myself."  And from the moment I said it,  it became true. 

The truth is, I have had some very bad experiences sewing for other people.  I have said to people, "I am not a dressmaker. My success rate is 50%. Are you prepared to be disappointed?" They say yes yes yes until they try on their garment and my heart sinks as I watch their faces fall. We are all disappointed. They wasted their money, I wasted my time.    

The surprising thing is, because it's my hobby people think I would really enjoy sewing for them for free.  I must remember that next time I come across someone who recreationally paints. They can come round and do our hallway. Think of the hours and hours of fun to be had with a paintbrush then! 

It's just not the same, is it. 

Today is Benjy's birthday and he is 1. Here is the only thing I have ever sewn for him. Of course, like all things I have sewn for anyone else he has only used it once.  We never needed this sleep sack because we found a way to pin him under the sheets so he couldn't kick them off. 

It is Burda 9807. I used Merino wool on the outside and grey cotton on the inside. The pattern calls for wovens but I thought this was way warmer and cuter. Normal rules for sewing with 2 way stretch apply. 

Happy birthday Benjy! 


  1. Yes Benjy happy birthday to you! One today! Sorry your present from Auntie Jen will be late. Still craftin.

    I am rapidly formulating a sewing similar policy. I don't mind making things for other poeple, but the thing is that I have a million projects myself and before I know it I've got a list of chore-sewing that I have to get through before I get onto my fun projects.

    Thank you for addressing this important craft issue in the blogosphere, Marynanna.

  2. Yes happy birthday to you Benjy from me your auntie Marg. DId you have a happy day. I hope you enjoyed because come later on you'll never remember what it was like to be one. Happy getting your boy to one marynanna and TMB. Such a relief in my experience.

  3. Benjy is now one!?! Isn't it shocking how quickly the first years disappears Mary Nanna? My one-year-old says "word up" to your one-year-old!

    And BTW, HOW ON EARTH do you manage to create upteen craft projects AND blog with a little boy torpedo-ing around? Some days I'm lucky if I manage to shower myself.

  4. How do I manage all this activitty? I think there's a word for it, it begins with "n" and ends with "eglect".