Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the rescue!

You may be wondering what I have decided to do about Halloween on Friday. Since it coincides with my turn to host craft night I can hardly follow my sister's first suggestion, "just close up the blinds and pretend no-one's at home." But I do really like her other suggestions, "don't cook them anything healthy, just keep a bag of prunes by the door."  Or "buy a bag of pinky bars and wrap an anti-consumerist message around each one, something like 'look where greed has got the world economy'  or 'it's not what you have it's who you are that counts.'" 

Or I could just give them a sweetie like everyone else. Goodness knows with the enthusiasm of the government to introduce anti-obesity measures it could become the only day they would legally be allowed to eat it.

You may also be curious about the empty bottle of wine for sale at the Sally Army for $5. It's still there - next to the whisky decanter and up form the sherry glass. Honestly, all that's missing from that happy scene is the bong. I was thinking, if that bottle goes, then there's clearly a market: I might see what I can flog off on Trademe out of our recycling bin.

Oh yes, this is supposed to be a sewing blog. All cushions in this photo were made from me out of sewing projects. The one with the doily is particularly satisfying since I wore the dress only once.

The back drop was a mistake purchase from the Trelise Cooper fabric sale.  The fabric could not be less appropriate for my colouring, lifestyle and after breaking 2 needles on the beads, my machine. It's nice when things can be rescued, isn't it?

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