Monday, February 9, 2009

Real Reality

In the last week I have been surprised by how my blogging world has become less virtual reality and more real reality. I have just finished my project for a craft swap with Iris. We agreed that we would each work on a project for a designated time and then swap. I couldn't imagine sewing anything in less than 2 hours and that is, in fact, how long my one took. So you'll have to wait and see what I made, but as you can imagine it hovers close to the edge of good taste, slightly dipping the toe over the line into bad/poor. But what fun I had making it.

The other exciting development is a sew-along with Diana and Antoinette. These people make beautiful stuff, so quite an honour. We're doing a "March" Pant. I was going to have a serious crack at reconstructing the A + O pants into 6 steps as mentioned previously. I also had definite plans of attaching my faux back welt pockets with button detail. But something at Play Centre this morning made me change my mind.

It was so hot today I was forced to roll up my jeans. Anyone who believes we are descended from apes would have found ample evidence of kinship on my legs this morning. So now I'm thinking full length loose fitting linen pants. Linen because it's the coolest fabric, loose fitting because the way linen sags and bags annoys me and I feel that any design using linen must work with this reality. You may be thinking that's an awful lot of effort to go to to avoid showing my 'grooming shy' legs. End of the day, I'm lazy, and that's the realest reality of them all.

Next project. Can't make up my mind. Think I'm going to make a new lampshade for this lamp. It's one of those old pottery ones so rendolent of the 70's. It will inevitably involve a trip to Spotlight: that place where you leave with an empty bag and return with an overloaded conscience.


  1. What? Me? I've got only one top to show so far.

    Looking forward to our sew along.

    I'll be half hearted though and try knee length, since I'm also looking forward to spring.

  2. yes but remember I found your blog through Pattern Review and so I got to see all your lovely things on the gallery ...

  3. Hey cool lamp there, what a great find.

  4. I have nearly finished my end of the swap, but have been housebound for two days with a sick boy. Whew, I am tired of constant ministering! I think he is mending and I may even get to go out to work tomorrow!


    And love that lampshade!!!