Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Burda influence

When you first look through a Burda World of Fashion magazine do the styles look a bit weird to you? "Oh that's a bit modern." or "That's a strange detail." And then the second time, it just looks interesting. And the third time it looks great. And the fourth time you are actually quite keen to make something? That German aesthetic takes a little getting used to. But one thing I will say, I love the way they put their look together. The bag, the shoes, the belts, the jewellery, the beautiful slim model with glossy hair and impeccable make up.

Back in the real world, I tried this out with the limited time and resources available to me. I put on some make-up (which consists of tinted sunscreen and a nude lipstick, com'on this is NZ folks). I washed my hair. I put on some heels (not worn for 3 years) and a belt. Actually the story behind the belt makes me laugh, the shop assistant, in a bid to sell it to me, said, "look its reversible, black one side, brown the other... that way no matter what your shoes and handbag, you've got a belt to match."

Of course, you match your shoes, belts and handbags too.

Anyway, this is the first of the op shop fabrics made up. It's New Look 6752 with 2 lengths both of which I ignored. I cut the shorter length, then reduced a further 20 cms (8 inches for you imperialists) to get it to this top length.

Allow me a moment of gloating. It cost $3 NZD to make. It also took less time from cutting to completion than the back welts on the A+ O pant.

Oh and yes, they are the A + O pants. I found by wearing them around and letting them stretch through the bias of the crotch I can now do them up. I deliberately did not tape the waist or hip seam to allow them to stretch and they obliged. There is still a small muffin tin factor of 1.5 cms, but I can breathe, sit down, move comfortably, pick up toddler etc so I'm keeping them! Harrah! (Sorry Miss Smith, not coming your way after all). Anyway, the other beauty of this belt is that it covers all muffin tin effect and you'd only know because I was raised a Catholic and have to confess to everything.


  1. Aren't you gorgeous and smashing! I love the pants. So you did get to use them! Yay!

  2. Now you've given me an explanation why I feel the need to divulge my feelings... in the www too, oh brother. Rather, oh Father.

    At least you can still wear your heels. I haven't worn any of my nice shoes since I was pregnant with baby #4. All the pieces I sew from here on out have to look great with my Birks and Keen shoes.

    You look great. Those pants flatter you very nicely. Good to know that all that work was all worth it.

  3. Lookit you, totally rockin' that outfit! I loooooove the top, striking fabric.

  4. "Oh" she said sourly "I suppose that's for the best, getting to enjoy your own pants". No really, I am very happy you will get to wear the A and O pants. They look great. Sigh.

  5. This outfit looks fantastic. LOVE the print on that top, and it looks great with the pants. I still way too scared to try and make pants, after a very dismal attempt at maternity jeans a couple of years ago!!!! But you've done an awesome job on them :)

  6. Fantastic outfit! I love the shape of that top - I think I'm going to have to add it to my wishlist in patternreview. Pleased you got to wear the pants after all.