Saturday, February 28, 2009

The pant sew along

Thanks to all for your kind and thoughtful condolences. The funeral went very well, apparently. I spent the whole time running after Benjy (16 months) who screamed his head off unless he was allowed to play in the mud and puddles outside the chapel. TMB enjoyed it though, he came out after it was all over and wiping his eyes, said "that was a lovely funeral." Grrrreat. To top it off, Benjy got a cold (from puddle slapping and mud traipsing and the brisk weather) and woke up every hour at night, like a cuckoo clock programmed to scream hysterically.

Anyway, I missed the funeral, I missed the burial, I missed most of my family who were returning to their homes the following day so there was plenty of material to philosophise on the nature of disappointment.

Fortunately I had a quick pick me up from that panacea of all feminine ails - shopping - and came home with a lovely silver bracelet to remember my father by.

One disappointment I have been saved is that I have been talked out of what was sure to be an ill-fated silk chiffon top. I was seduced by the words, "silk chiffon, and 4 easy pieces." I have another idea about what I might do with aforementioned chiffon though but first to more pressing sewing matters.

March the first sees the start of the pant sew along. I have decided to sew these pants from the Burda World of Fashion magazine . (09 - 2008- 125). I feel the need to break the ice on this magazine. Despite purchasing them on and off for 15 years I am yet to sew a pattern from one. What I like about this pattern is the natural waist, so no nana nickers on display, the slim fit (no added bulk) and the little vent which is almost flare like at the bottom. It's been reviewed once on pattern review, and favourably, with some caution about the snugness through the waist.

Well, I feel like the Einstein of tight fitting through the waist after those A+O pants so I'm thinking "no worries mate, I've got this sorted."


  1. i am familiar with disappointment like that...we flew interstate for my brother's wedding, only to miss the first half because somebody decided that they needed a coffee when everybody else thought it was time to set off for the church...and then with all the ruckus of entertaining 3 children during the second half, I may as well have missed that too. And then when it was all over, the coffee drinker stated to my other brother, the trumpet player, that at least he didn't have to play "Ave Maria"...I guess we were the only ones that didn't know that Ave Maria was the opening hymn.

  2. The pants are very styley indeed, but I would like to request that at the final photo shoot you include the boofy hair and hat. Very burda style!

  3. Oh no. How disappointing and frustruating! Sixteen months is that age where they just can't sit still or stay out of the mud for anything. They're just plain annoying, really.

    I would like you to poof out your hair as the blond in the photo like Miss Smith said too.

    On the post below where you said the "Daniel Cleaver of fabrics," that really cracked me up - really spoke for your blog title. That Daniel Cleaver smirk. And what does that mean for the cleavage area. The Cleaver cleavage?

  4. that's a seriously stylish pair of pants. Don't know about the poufy hair but the trilby looks great. Cheers!

  5. March is tomorrow, isn't it? Or probably today for you over there. Gosh, gots to hurry and copy my pattern!

    I'm sorry that the bitch fabric and the four-easy-pieces were not meant to be. But I'm glad to know that you've got something else in mind!

    See you at the pants sew along!

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