Thursday, February 12, 2009

The draped apron

Ok ok .. I admit.. I shouldn't be sewing. I should be tidying up the house and any number of other wifely duties. But I am in the midst of a very tricky pattern alteration and so I thought I'd get some light relief by whipping up something that didn't require a pattern at all. This apron. I created it using the draping method of pattern construction whereby you pin the fabric on the straight grain to centre front of your dress maker's dummy and cut accordingly. It's that simple with an apron: it's a lot harder with anything else.

Alright, now I'd best put it on and get cracking!


  1. Good heavens! I think that is the most tasteful apron I've ever seen in my whole life! Mary Anna you have reached new heights of apron aesthetics.

  2. Wow, that's pretty gorgeous. The complete opposite to the aprons I usually wear which look like a train crash in a paint factory!

  3. It's lovely. And yeah its a pretty sophisticated apron! Like.... a PRADA apron or something! :o)

  4. I had to smirk at your "wifely duties."

  5. this is a seriously gorgeous apron! too pretty for the kitchen!
    oh, and good to know that I'm not the only one who ignores the housework in favour of sewing and crafting :-)

  6. Refined and elegant are the words that come to mind. Seriously sweet apron, maybe even a little saucy.

    And speaking of refined and elegant, check out this Valentine Blog post to Kaffe Fassett by my girl Rhea:

    Your ATC package will hopefully be out in the mail tomorrow...Maybe monday, if I am still wiped out.