Friday, February 20, 2009

The journey skirt

This skirt, Simplicity 4965, has been on quite a journey with me.

You may remember the Otago tartan I bought a while back and made a little sporran bag out of it. One of the other ideas my sister had was to put it as the backing to a box pleat skirt. Box pleat skirts are hardly the style du jour but I found this pattern in my stash and thought about how to alter it to put the Otago tartan behind the pleat. The pleat in the pattern is incorporated into the centre front, so I had to trace it off and put seam allowances on, and sew it back in. I then trimmed the seams and topstitched the front.

All in all, that solution worked reasonably well. It wasn't without hitch however, and there were some tense moments.

The journey has been more psychological than creative. I have been sewing it to wear to Dad's funeral. The sewing has been part of the preparation for that time - doing something physical gives a tangibility and reality and finality to the thoughts that go with it.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to know that you have lost your father. What a significant skirt, and it is beautiful. It's wonderful that the sewing gives you some grounding. I'm thinking of you and sending you and your family peace from Austin, Texas.

  2. I know what you mean - making things with our hands makes grieving and healing more tangible - something we can get our mind around. Craft and art really is like landmarking in many ways. I'm constantly amazed by your sewing abilities. I just can't sew clothes well. I'm glad you and your sister thought of this fabulous skirt idea - and that it is helping you through. It is almost like the black is the grief for the loss and the inside color is for the joy and celebration for a life loved and lived, and this precious color is underneath, hidden, and protected by the wearer.

  3. The skirt is beautiful. Thinking of you and your sister...

  4. It's very sad to read your post about the 'journey skirt'. (((hugs))) to you and your family.

  5. Oh Mary Nanna, I didn't realize until I read Miss Smith's post just now that your dad had actually already passed on. I am so sorry. He looked like a beautiful and full-of-joy person in the picture. I am thinking of you and Miss Smith. Take care of yourself.

  6. Oh Mary-Anna, I am so sorry to hear that your Dad has passed away. My thoughts are with you and Miss Smith and the rest of your family.
    The skirt is lovely and I like the idea of it being a journey skirt.
    Take care