Friday, February 6, 2009

Estelle bag giveaway.

That this bag has got finished in the last couple of days is nothing short of a miracle. Usually I get about an hour's sewing time a day, when Benjy has his afternoon sleep. He sleeps, I sew, we're both refreshed by the end of it. But the last 3 days he has not slept. Not morning, not afternoon, and awoken screaming every 2 hours over night. Because of a cold. A COLD. Honestly, when males get sick the whole world has to listen to the grizzling and it starts young.

But enough! TMB has taken him out for a walk and so I get some peace to write this. This bag is my first attempt at the Estelle bag, a free pattern available from Burdastyle. Its well drafted, and comes with "instructions." I say that in commas because if you didn't know how to sew the bag before you started you'd be none the wiser after reading the instructions. Oh well, hey, a free pattern and pretty nice of her to go to all the effort of drafting and writing a guide anyway. So I'm not complaining, just, perhaps, warning you if you have any plans to give it a crack yourself.

The story behind this fabric is a funny one. The outer is pure wool, and woven, top quality and only $2 a metre at a designer clearance sale. (US $1 at today's exchange rate, US 50 cents at tomorrow's) Bargain bargain bargain. It was too big to lug around, but I wanted to look through all the stock, because there was a bit of a queue at the till. So I kept looking, but had a nagging feeling, "grab that fabric."

"Ridiculous!" I thought to myself. "There's plenty on that bolt, more than enough for everyone." Still I had that nagging feeling to grab it. So I went back, and got it, and dragged it around with me. The second I left the till, the person behind me took it and said to the saleswoman, "how much for the whole bolt?"

So anyway, my good luck to you. If you would like this bag, leave a comment below. It comes with a delightful ceramic floral broach (Red cross op shop) as shown. The inner is made of upholstery fabric from my scrap stash. The inner pocket is decorated with tatted doily. The outer is pure wool coat fabric, and is pleated along the front.

It's been handmade with exhausted lurve.

Giveaway closes Friday 13, just to show it can be lucky for some. Family and friends eligible to enter.

Post editing note:

I updated the photo with one which shows how the pleats work more clearly.


  1. Oh, yes please. I love the ceramic brooch, the secret stash fabrics, and, as always, I love the story that goes with it.

  2. It's beautiful but don't put me in the draw because I already have the bag I need and the house has been feeling very small lately which is a sure sign that it's time for a clean out. I was pleased to see the fabulous 64step pants; thought they might get whisked away unseen...

  3. Oh yeah, I reckon that brooch makes it! Very cool bag, I'm going to make some woolly ones with the kids at school this winter.

  4. Oooh please put me in the draw.

    That fabric sale sounds alot like the Trelise Cooper Fabric clearance. I have never seen so many competitive fabric buyers. Though, I found people were a little more relaxed once they were cuddling their bolts and queuing to buy the fabric

  5. here are some good reasons why I would love your wonderful bag. first becausde it is beautiful and I read today that older women can look more glamorous with amazing accessories. Second it is made of wool and as you know Dunedin is a city that demands things to be made of wool. third because it is cute and quirky and would look great over my arm. Fourth because it is made by you. Hope the cold gets better soon.

  6. Oh! Oh! It's pretty, pretty. Such a talent, you are.

  7. I love it. I have a deep love a for nana bags. Oh, yes. And pay no attention to the fact I just won that spiffy calendar from your sister. The calendar will be great but it is not a bag.

  8. Gorgeous bag! love reading the story of your bag's fabric. I'm pleased to know that I'm not the only one gets that nagging feeling when shopping for fabric.

  9. I like it too : )love the doilly detail inside, all those secrets!
    I reckon there is no better way to check who reads your blog than a giveaway. Lucky for us!

  10. Here is what the husband says:
    What do you need another bag for?

    Here is what I say:
    Because I am a woman who has many moods, and since I haven't a budget for all the shoes I would want, bags are the next best. And handmade by a friend...the very best.

    I am so the opposite of Miri, I see.

    And maybe I will have good luck as it is my birthday!


  11. Please put me in the draw... :)

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