Monday, February 23, 2009

"If I were 10 years younger, I'd wear that"

So said Heidi on last Friday's thrilling installment of Project Runway. I am getting to the age where I have to say things like that too. Age appropriate clothing. Aren't they 3 scary words? Mind you, all clothing is age appropriate.

Or is it? Do you think Vivienne Westwood thinks there is a time to wear knickers? By rights hers should be support wear magic pants but the only magic in her pants is their disappearing act.

Sewing wise I'm thinking about this top. I have a weakness:it's name be "silk chiffon." It is a horrible fabric to sew. It's totally unsuited to my figure and lifestyle. That's why it's SO attractive. It's the Daniel Cleaver of fabrics.

If I am going to make this top, and there's still time for me to see reason and pass on it, then I will have to lower both the neckline and waistline. Of all the aging things I could sew, it would be something that creates the illusion of a full bust sagging over a high waist. Ew! Unpleasant mental image just sprung to mind.

I'm struggling with that age old dilemma of choosing between what I should wear and what I would love to be able to wear.


  1. "The Daniel Cleaver of fabrics"...I love it!

  2. I've got ten updated subscriptions tonight, but yours, Mary Nana, tops (no pun intended) them all. I go to yours first! What a laugh, what fun!

    Perhaps a muslin will help you decide?

  3. Yes, a muslin! (Didn't I read your muslin philosophy recently?) ;)

  4. Looking forward with interest to see whether you go ahead with your top or not. Love your description about silk chiffon.

  5. I look at that pattern, I think of my figure, and a frightening phrase comes to mind.

    "Puppies playing in a bag"

    That's all I'm saying.

  6. Awright, she said it. Who else but your own flesh n' blood?