Monday, May 25, 2009

What kind of sewing blogger are you?

Well you know the expression, "horses for courses" well there is also, I've discovered, "sewing blogs for seamstresses."

Sewing blogs fall into continuums, I've discovered, and the best match is when a blog writer and a blog reader with a similar predisposition meet. So here's my take on it:

What kind of sewing blogger are you?

1 Destination (product) versus Journey (process).

Destination sewing blogs only show the finished product. They post spasmodically, and only when they've got something to show for themselves. Very low maintenance, they blog every couple of weeks but when they do there's a nice surprise in wait.
Sewing is a product.

Journey sewing bloggers post every couple of days. The first post might be, "hey look at this great fabric." Followed by "what can I do with it." Followed by, "I've chosen this one, and look at this facing." "Now look at my hemming technique. 3 weeks and 6 posts later we have a new garment to see. Sewing is a process.

2 Technical bloggers (factual) versus ancedotal bloggers (emotional).

Technical sewing bloggers are only really interested in the sewing itself. They tend to show details of pockets, finishing, facing and linings. They often run tutorials. They talk at length about techinique. Sewing is a science.

Anecdotal bloggers are more interested in the story behind the garment. Sewing is drama in 3 acts. There will be personal element to it, and the human aspect is highlighted. Anecodotal bloggers might show you the shoes they bought to go with it, and their favourite lipstick as well as a few holiday photos of their children in the sand. The garment is a part of a whole life experience.

3 Public versus private .


They will discuss details of their lawsuits, divorce settlements, sexual activity and health in great detail. There's no such thing as too much information and they will even ask for advice on the above.


They will not show their face, use their name, or reveal any personal information at all. They are cautious and keep everything strictly to sewing business.

Where do you fall on these continuums? You might be extremely one or the other, or have a tendency towards one or the other. You might have started off one way and ended up another. You may fall into a "little of this, but mostly that."

But where the trouble starts is when you get a mismatch. Say you get a journey sewer with a destination reader. The reader might get frustrated, "who cares about your holiday in France, show us your sewing." Or you get a technical reader who stumbles onto an anecdotal writer, "who cares where you wore it, show us the zip insertion."

Because I've been too sick to sew the last week, when I've had some free energy I've been reading blogs and I came across 2 big spats where there was just a mismatch of what the blogger had to offer and what the reader wanted to get out of reading the blog.

Me? As a reader, I'm partial to anecdotal journey where you get a sense of the sewer's personality, and that's what I largely write. However I happily read across a variety of styles because everybody's got something to offer.

Righty, ho. That's enough from me. Back to bed cough cough.


  1. I would have to say "anecdotal destination". I'm not as humorous and talented a writer as you are, so I prefer showing the end products!

    And I am not super-public or super-private, so I guess right in the middle. Life gets in the way of sewing, and sometimes life is sewing. I think the world needs a lot of uplift these days so I don't get into my personal drama when it comes up, but I don't mind sharing the fun stuff that isn't directly sewing-related.

    That's why, if people are interested in becoming more long-distance friends rather than blogging buddies, I occasionally mention Twitter or Facebook, where it's easier to turn things into an ongoing dialogue. :)

  2. Me, I'm a private, destination sewer, more anecdotal than technical. I find it easier to get my technical information from a book or magazine than from the internet or DVDs. I like the anecdotes because I like knowing why people sew. I think we need the anecdotes to know why each piece of clothing is special...there is so much clothing in the world, every brand, every price, every fabric and colour and I like to know how everybody else navigates through the fashion maze and emerges out the other side with a piece of clothing.

  3. Hmm... interesting questions. I think I'm a destination sew-er, mainly because I don't think people would be interested in my hotch-potch construction methods. And I'm big into anecdotes, it's what makes my life interesting. Especially the kids I teach. I could just show what they make but the stories about why are usually really cool! And fairly private. I don't facebook or twitter or anything either. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  4. Hmmm....I think if I was a destination sewer my blog would be shut down due to lack of activity ;-)
    I like a bit of everything, myself; it's great to learn the technical stuff and it's always nice to have the accompanying anecdotes.
    Personally, I'm a "chop the heads off in photos and don't use names" kind of blogger, just because I'm cautious by nature and once things are out there in internet land, they're well and truly out there and out of your control. Paranoid much? Yeah, maybe...

    Mmm...Shall muse some more.


    PS...yes, pants are nearly finished, but need a bit of fit-tweaking.

  5. Yeah, I'm anecdotal too. And somewhat personal. Though you're not gonna hear a peep about my sex life. I'm sure you're just so upset about that ;o)
    But I kinda like different blogs for different types of things... I have technical type blogs on my blogroll for when I need the straight dope on what is up with this month's BWOF, and I also like blogs that are mostly-sewing but with a bit of extemporising on other things too. But I don't think there are really ANY blogs I read that don't have SOME sewwing aspect in the mix.

  6. I'm not funny, but I like to give a bit of myself. I like finished products, but I also like to show process if it is worthwhile. Sometimes tutorial/process blogs come in handy for other sewers but I'm not really competent enough to publish in this way.
    I will often make a note about a good book or play on my blog - I don't have time to keep a separate blog - and hopefully this doesn't bother anyone too much.

  7. journey + anecdotal + semi-private = me the sewing blogger.

  8. Me, I'm an anecdotal journey blogger, but you won't find toooooo much sensitive personal information. I think the fact that I make robots makes me a little technical, because they are constructed and programmed to do most anything.

  9. I'd have to go with journey + anecdotal + private blogger. I'd love to be a destination blogger but I takes me so long to get there that no-one would ever hear from me. I generally keep things private, but big events manage to creep in too.

    Sometimes the events I read about put me off though. And sometimes the detail is just too much. I recently stopped reading a blog with great technical stuff because I didn't want to read one more word about the heartbreak of her 21 year old some moving out of home to live an hour away. Come on, he should have left years ago and besides the fact he returns every weekend for food and laundry should upset her more.

  10. Hmm, I'm kind of all over the place in terms of my blogging style. I don't tend to hit either end of any continuum! I try to make my blog interesting and helpful, but I don't know whether or not I'd be any good at a more detailed tutorial. I wish I was a funnier writer.

    The blogs I like to read range all over the place too. First and foremost a funny blog will keep me coming back (which is why I'm here, naturally ;-) ), and I do like personal anecdotes. I'm quite happy if heads are cut off and no indentifying information is given. I don't have any right to any information, and it doesn't detract from a good blog to leave it out. I feel a bit voyeuristic reading about a total stranger's holiday in France, but I love it! I love to see the world through someone else's eyes.
    What it comes down to is that a blog is the personal diary of someone, which they are kindly allowing you to read. What they put in it is up to them. I'll read what I like, and pass over what isn't for me.

  11. Your post makes me realize that I am wearing several of the hats when sewing blogging. But I think I'm more journey than destination and both technical and anecdotal (but leaning more to the latter I think). And both a little public and a little private. I don't mind sharing some personal stuff, but I want it to be relevant to the overall context. If I had more need to be personal in a public way I would start a second blog or use Twitter for that purpose. Although I am now tempted to use "Sex, sewing and lawsuits" as my blog blurb ;) Very catchy!

  12. This is such a good categorization! Since I don't blog now and only rarely take destination photos for flickr, I'm just glad for what has been shared.