Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skirt ideas anyone?

The ugly fabric contest rules have been announced and it has gone pretty much as I predicted. Garment must be more than 50% ugly fabric, and fabric must be on show.

Geek sewing showed me a lovely design to turn my signet scarf into swan top. I drafted it up using my own slopers with a few changes in keeping with my dimensions. Then I fitted a muslin to my dress form and showed TMB. "What do you think?" His reply: "it's a little busy through the decollete." Translation: your boobs look big in it.

It's the print friends. So then I decided it looked quite nice as a scarf anyway, when it's all rolled up and you can't actually see it.

Now I've started thinking about the fabric given to me by my mother in law.

It's from one of the hill tribes in Thailand. Funnily enough, half a lifetime ago I did a jungle trek through those villages. Here's what I remember the guide telling us.

"Last week, police come and take west people smoke opium. Go to jail 10 years. Thai jail bad place. I no sell opium. You want buy coca cola?"
"We sleep here tonight. Toilet anywhere OK. Tomorrow watch step."

I have looked and looked and looked at this fabric and couldn't think of anything, except the obvious kaftan, which would probably look a little bus(t)y. So I started to do a little research, got out of few books form the library on Asian traditional costumes and started to put together an inspiration board for skirts.

After a little google imaging I found this, "Thai barbie"

Although this is how the fabric would actually be worn, with the crosswise piece at the bottom and a pair of leggings underneath:

Still nothing I feel wildly excited enough to ever wear. One idea is to chevron the stripes into a 4 part skirt. (rough sketch below:)

But more interesting has been learning about the culture of the hill tribes people. This piece of fabric was woven on the most rudimentary of equipment. It would have taken a long time, and been meticulous work.

I had better make a good job of this skirt or there's going to be all kinds of bad karma coming my way.


  1. I really like your idea of the chevron and appreciate your desire to like and wear the finished garment (for practical and karmic reasons).

    No specifics are coming to mind, but I am trying to see this fabric used in almost an opposite context: like in a very urban, city garment, like a bomber jacket or cigarette pants.

  2. Dear Maryanna - yesterday I tried to leave a post on your blog at work re: destination blogs and the work computer froze me off for performing a forbidden action. After all these months and only 6 weeks left of being a civil servant I am found out.Still what I wanted to say then was how much I love visiting your blog and Jenns. Even though my comments are sporadic I love keeping in touch with your different worlds. Thanks MArg

  3. I like the chevron skirt idea, too. I like how it takes the stripes out of their intended context (ie straight around) and plays with the lines to make a more interesting fabric. Only thing I'd say is you might wanna be careful where you ...erm...."aim" the centre of all those chevrons, if you know what I mean?

    Hope you guys are feeling better now :-)


  4. You have me in stitches! Oh ho ho ho, I needed the laugh. Thanks much...

  5. You know what I'd do? A-line skirt with a yoke. Front panel in ugly fabric, back yoke panel in ugly fabric (thus making 50%). Denim on back panel and front yoke.
    My week is improving :-)

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