Friday, May 15, 2009

Plenty to smirk about

I have nearly finished the jacket so I thought I'd show you that I wasn't kidding about the pockets.

Next on the agenda is boring sewing for Benjy . Harumph. But I have to get him some warm waterproofs because he insists on being out there, in the rain, getting as cold and wet as possible.

To keep me going, I have some more fun sewing immediately afterwards. I'm going to try my hand at making my own jeans. Here is the pocket design. Now imagine 2 pockets on the back, what does it spell?

Never miss an opportunity to smirk, that's my motto.


  1. I don't understand. Have I missed the point? Why waste your talent making ugly things.

  2. Oh I disagree, I think it's funny things, not ugly things. Mary Anna, you just wouldn't be you if you didn't make yourself and others smirk.
    Go Na Na!

  3. Hi Gail

    To answer your question I have to quote from Riccardo Tisci, the head designer from Givenchy.

    What is the difference between beauty and ugly?

    "the line is super subtle, and sometimes ugly is more beautiful than what we think of as classical beauty."

  4. Very cool, Ms Nana. Are you going to hand embroider your pockets, or applique, or is there an embroidery machine in your future ;-) ?

    I unfortunately see some boring waterproof-overall type sewing in my future, too. Why do 2 year olds gravitate to the water trough on the coldest most dismal days?

    Love the quote, btw ;-)


    PS I've got the ugly Kwik-Sew pattern books for kids and toddlers if you want to trace an overall pattern for Benjy.

  5. yes, make jeans. I need some company. I never thought that I would make jeans, but I really want a flared pair and my discretionary spending requires more discretion, so I am stash sewing a pair. I have cut them out, then I went back to the muslin to work out the pocket position, and decided that the muslin wasn't quite right...but it's too late now, my fabric is cut.

  6. Oh, now that pocket embroidery is inspired! What a brilliant idea