Monday, May 4, 2009

The ugly fabric contest.

As you know, I am very excited about the afore-mentioned contest and you'll be as thrilled as me (no doubt) to learn that it now has its own thread on the Pattern Review discussion board.

Ugly fabric contest thread.

Also very exciting, because they have never had this competition before they are asking for feedback on the rules. Wa hay!

My neighbour, Jenni-from-across-the-road, also had a great suggestion for my flamboyant fruits fabric and that was to turn it into lining. It's getting more and more appealing - a silk lined jacket - perfect - it can be like my "gorgon's head" I can have it all hidden and then toss around my jacket like a matador and freeze everyone in their tracks.

Here is another hot contender. A gift from my mother-in-law.

She loves me, really.


  1. Go on. You know that what your wardrobe really needs is a poncho made out of that stuff.



  2. Good luck with the contest! I secretly love ugly fabric.

  3. Love the idea of stopping people in their tracks by revealing the ugly truth inside it all! Go for it, Mary Nanna!

    And you know I'll vote for you no matter what--I'm just biased that way.

  4. You think I might have some fabric for that contest? You betcha! I've got some really awful stuff stashed away.