Thursday, May 21, 2009

Benjy's coat

Well it's done. For a quick and easy project it took me quite a long time, mainly because I've been too sick to do the job properly. Like a drugee with a habit I have to sew no matter what, in this case, with a weepy eye, sore throat, ear ache, sore gums and headache. Thank you all for your get well messages. It's been a long dreary week in quarantine.

The salient message of this sewing project (and isn't there always a lesson to be learned?) is that you should always read the reviews on Pattern Review. I read one this morning, after I tried the jacket on Benjy before taking up the sleeves and found it was miles too big. The comment on the previous review? The sizing on these jackets run to HUGE.

Actually, I was in the Bernina shop the other day and Annette, the manager, commented on how refreshing it was to see Benjy with his trousers rolled up. "Young people these days, they buy clothes for their kids in just the right size! What a waste, they'll grow out of them in a month"

I think that is what Burda are getting at with this design (Burda 9828). Both sleeves and bottoms are designed to be rolled up so that as the children grow you can lower them and get more use out of them. Can't argue with that... in no hurry to be sewing more children's clothing.

On the advice of my sister I removed the front pockets. "He'll only fill them up with water from the hose." I did, however, add a name badge, just for the fun of it.

The burda pic:


  1. Hey! I made that pattern- the pants pattern in that envelope- about a billion times when H and S were little, it was extremely useful, although I do concur that the sizing is on the large side.
    The jacket looks great, and I must say B looks great too. He is so much more grown up than when I last saw him!

  2. What an adorable smile!

    I always thought that Burda children's run big, but I did get caught out sewing a dress for my daughter once...must be the only Burda that isn't huge!

  3. The Burda pic shows it with sleeves rolled up - perhaps it's an intended design feature to showcase cute lining? In any case, that's what yours looks like! Adorable.

    I personally like kids coats big to ensure they get to wear them rather than outgrow them while on Mum's "to do" pile.

  4. The jacket looks great. I love shopping jackets especially for my kid. I think the jacket be very useful for growing kids. Let me try it out for my kid.

  5. Oh I just love the red with the lining. And, oh my, what a doll he is.

  6. Great colour fabric, nice lining, and what a chirpy-looking wee chap! This may be the thing that gets me to sew again ...

  7. that's a seriously great jacket for a such a cute little lad. Nice and bright with a neat lining :)

  8. Benjy is adorable!

    Your sister is sooo right. Those pockets will never be used to warm their little fingers. Earthworms and Kleenex, both of which might end in the washer... and ewww, the Inferno. Poor little earthworm.

  9. Very cute :-) I've actually got that pattern, too, but haven't ever made it up - good to know that the sizing is a bit on the large side.

    I love the combo of colours and you just can't beat a funky lining.

    Hope you guys are all well :-)
    I've just come back from my first day at the pants fitting workshop - still at the tissue fit stage but looking forward to cutting out & sewing tomorrow. Roll on pants that fit!


  10. Oh your son is such a sweetie! He looks very pleased with his red jacket :o)