Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time for a rethink

I am going to have to rethink my ugly fabric entries. I will not get away with lining my denim jacket (ah, ever heard of a lined denim jacket?) but mostly the way the competition rules look to be swinging it's going to have to something more substantial, and sadly, on show.

The denim jacket is coming together nicely. I kind of got distracted when sewing the pockets and ended up making coffee cups. I love coffee. Very, very much. So much that I commissioned a portrait of my favourite coffee cups. No kidding, see?

So anyway, as I was attaching the bases I started to think how much the shape looked like a coffee cup and before you know it I had the tailors chalk out and was sketching on a saucer and a handle.

So I'm looking everywhere for ideas to use up my ugly fabric. I'm somewhat contrained, or blessed depending on your point of view, by only having a square yard of it. At this stage I'm thinking cami top to go under the denim jacket. The two shall be reunited at last. Anyway, I've got another couple of weeks before the competition starts so still time to muse over the options.

I've been asked to apply for a part-time job. It's a very good one, writing exam papers. If I get it, my blogging and sewing days will not exactly be over, but impacted, for sure. After 2 years out of my career, it's really strange to think of going back to paid employment, even a little bit. I kind of liked just hanging out spending my husband's hard earned money. But as any stay at home mum will attest, my share of it was hard earned too.


  1. Yep, a cami top teamed with the denim-coffee-jacket (can your fabric markings get any sillier, I ask myself? LOL) will be a great way to use said ugly fabric. I think you should really Burda-it-up with big hair, oversized freaky german jewellery, and some kind of unnatural posture. You know I'll vote for you.

  2. Only a yard, huh? I have an MSB pattern in mind. You'll have to draft it, though you won't need a sloper. Interested?

    Mmmmm. I gotta have my cup of coffee in the morning, else the day just isn't right.

    A parting quote: "In Seattle you haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it's running."

  3. I am thinking of going back to work too...yikes!

  4. Hi Geek Sewing

    Sure I'm interested! Can you scan it and send it through? Ho hum I suspect many crimes against copyright are about to be committed ...

    I will have to add some other fabric no matter what ..my measurements are more than a yard in places!

  5. love the denim jacket! very funky coffee cups, definitely worthy of their own painting! hmm can smell the coffee from here.

  6. Your blog is the go-to destination for a hearty laugh-out-loud! That tailor's chalk outline of a coffee cup is priceless. It's good stuff so I can't blame you. :)

  7. Hi there - so are you going to apply for the part time job? If it intereferes with your blogging perhaps you ought not to. AS an expert blog lurker life would be dull without your regualr entries.

    Cheers MArg