Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, there is such a thing as sewing I don't like. For me it consists of:

1) sewing for other people
2) sewing for other things
3) mending and alterations

So it was with some reluctance that I agreed to sew a new cover for our ironing board at TMB's request. (note that this is all 3 things I hate sewing rolled into one task). He actually uses the ironing board for his clothes, I just use it for pressing. Once I sew something, it rarely sees the back of an iron again.

I happened to have a piece of upholstery fabric that I scored at the Hospice shop for a couple of bucks, so I traced round the edges of the board, added some piping, then sewed a bias "skirt" on the bottom. I recycled the drawstring from the old cover and zig zagged it in place on the edges. When you pull it tight it holds the skirt and secures the cover tightly to the frame.

A long hour and a half of my sewing life. Precision measurement, precision sewing. Mildly resentful thoughts.

And here it is, ready for another round of action packed pressing with all my lovely pressing equipment: (iron, pressing cloth, point presser, sock ham and professional ham, sleeve board.)

Cost: half a piece of upholstery fabric from Hospice shop in the village, $2.00, piping 10c. Yes, that's right. I got about a hundred metres of it on sale for a couple of bucks. I have piping for life.

Now the reason I get to make so much stuff is that my son very obligingly has a lovely long (3 hrs) afternoon nap. However, lest you think everything is too cruisey on this home front, he also starts the day at 5:30 am, which is quite a bit less pleasant.


  1. That is a very nice looking ironing board cover. I'm in need of a new one...lucky for me, this lovely lady at the local markets sells them, padded and ready to go. Now go and spend those hard earned virtuousity points by curling up in the corner with a sewing mag and a cuppa.

  2. Our lists of sewing dislikes is identical! I have a lot of mending to do and am not sure it's wise to save it all for a multi-hour project, but that's what is happening. Nice, cheery ironing board cover! I'm sure hubby will appreciate it next time he goes ironing.

  3. Oh my stars, it really IS smart. I was just humouring you last night when I said I was sure it very smart. But it actually is! So there you go.

  4. Wow....that's one snazzy ironing board cover. You piped it? Really? That's most impressive ;-)


  5. So much to say:
    1. Love your sense of humor and writing style
    2. LOVE the ironing board cover. I want one!!
    3. Piping for life? Live the dream!

  6. p.s. The cover is really, really gorgeous

  7. Unbelievable, a piped ironing board cover, that is going the extra mile. I threw our ironing board out a few years ago, quite a few, figuring I never used it; it was heavy and old and I couldn't be bothered getting it out and then I saw one of those built in ironing boards in this gorgeous bespoke laundry. Spoiled for anything else. I'd say you've got quite a few brownie points up your sleeve.

  8. Wow Maryanna I didn't even get time to comment on your last post and not only do you whip up a coat but also an ironing board cover. Both are very impressive.Im thinking though that you'll have to get rid of some coats soon so you can sew some more. CHristmas is a great time for regifting.

  9. It's beautiful. I love the piping!