Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you enjoy other people's wadders, check these out.

Worst. Project. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

However, I have to say I learned some very useful lessons and you know the saying, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you a better sewer." Or words to that effect.

I learned that

1) not all stretch corduroys are created equal
2) the primary use of stretch corduroy is for skinny jeans, and skinny jeans are for skinny people.

Can you see what made me fall in love with the pattern though (BWOF 07-2009-102)? It was this dinky little flap extension and the slanted squared off pockets. I also felt the straight leg had potential, but it is a very narrow straight leg and I prefer something a little wider.

But because I realised very early on I had a wadder on my hands, I experimented with finish, and practised edgestitching and catching the inside facing of the waistband at the same time. Normally that produces horrendous results for me. One side is always wonky. The secret, blog sewing friends, is the edge foot on your machine.

Sewing on the inside, you run the bar along the joining seam and position the needle slightly to the left. It automatically catches it evenly on both sides.

The Wadder Wallet:
fabric - 8 bucks, zip+cotton 4 bucks, 1 piece of tissue 2 bucks, Interfacing 1 buck = $15 bucks of landfill liner.

ps Miri, not even for gardening, or mucking the cows.


  1. A bit Council labourer aren't they!? Could you turn them into a shoulder bag?

  2. Not even for Playcentre? ;-)

    I do like the pocket detail and the waistband, though...the style most definitely has potential.

    And I must say, you are a far more zen sewist than I; I admire your calm in the face of a wadder ;-)

    I'm all set to break the sewing drought tonight. My stash is mocking me and I need to stop watching TV in the evenings and get stuck in. That said, The Cult is on tonight, and I'm getting fully sucked into watching it ;-)


  3. How kind to show your wadder. Now I feel better about all of mine. See, it was a public service for you to sew these. I do love those pockets.

  4. Oh, I did the same thing once when I made a pair of wide leg Kathleen Hepburn pants out of stretch cotton twill. Big mistake. I wore them once then I threw them away. The details are lovely though, and easy to adapt to another pant project. And yay for the Bernina edge foot, I have just recently understood it's geniality.

  5. OK the pants didn't work - but it looks like you have a Bernina going by the foot? Something in common
    The pocket detail is excellent - apart from the fact they are a wadder you did a great job!

    I am glad I am not the only one...

  6. It's too bad the fabric didn't work, but the pant design is pretty cute. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Save the button! So cute. I have never used my edge foot. Other wadders make me feel better! thanks for sharing.

  8. Not even as bermuda shorts??

    It's easy to see that they are so well made. I wished it worked out! But your sense of humor is firmly intact, so that's a great sign!

  9. p.s. if you want to see my summer wadders, check out my "star trek" dress:

    and this unnamed disaster:

  10. At $15 it was a cheap lesson and you did sew them beautifully. I'm not suggesting you need to get any more mileage out of that fabric but I was browsing on 'Another day in Paradise' recently and there is a fun blog on making old jeans into bags and things-this is not a birthday hint.

  11. I'm sure I've worn worse in deadly seriousness!