Monday, November 23, 2009

Not a bargain, just cheap.

My sister was nearly wetting herself when she heard about my latest project.
"I can't WAIT to see them," she said. This was not meant in a kind and supportive sisterly way, blog friends. She was high on sewing schadenfreude and was looking forward to viewing my nemesis.

The fact is, I went back to Nick's to get some fabric to remake last wadder pants and you just would not credit it but the replacement fabric also had 30% crosswise stretch. Because the fibre content is not labelled, and it looked like a loose cotton weave, I just didn't think to check. Until after he had cut it.

So this time I thought I'd look for a pattern for summer pants that actually required crosswise stretch, and settle on Burda 02-2009-117. I was curious about the pocket detail, and thought I'd enjoy sewing it. I did, as a matter of fact.

And look how nicely I did it too.

The fact is, not all cheap fabric is a bargain. Sometimes, it's just cheap. The fabric is too uncomfortable to wear - it's really rough on my delicate skin, and lining won't work.

So it's welcome to wadderville, population:me.

Costings: fabric, $4, zipper + cotton, $3 = $7.


  1. Bummer, after all that sewing. Been spending a bit of time there myself recently so make that Population 2.

  2. Bugger :-( I do love those pockets, though ;-)


  3. Ah Maryanna - you have such a delightful turn of phrase . I laughed long and out loud reading this post. Thanks for your kind commiserations about the state of education and I really like your quote about hope.

  4. Oh, too bad the fabric isn't working. Those are really cute, and the pockets are great!

  5. Population 3 - me too! BUT... the learning. YES YES!

    - Myrna

  6. I had a quick look in my wardrobe and thought I better have a throw out before you come. Trust me, Wadderville is crowded.

  7. Lovely pocket. you'll have to remember that detail for another project.