Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "f" words.

To a home sewer, the big 4 "f" words for successful projects are:

- fit: tailoring the pattern to your body
- finish: sewing everything nicely and neatly and accurately
- fashion: choosing a style that suits you
- fabric: matching the weight and hand of the fabric to the design of the garment

I fell down BIG time on the last one. I decided to make a pair of cords in Burda 07-2009-102, and sewed them in a stretch corduroy. Since I have sewed stretch corduroy before, I was lulled into a false sense of security about its properties, thinking they were all alike.

Wrong. Only after I sewed these pockets and they stretched out did I stop to measure exactly how much stretch was in them. 30%. That's HUGE. That's MASSIVE. That's like, this is so wrong, so very wrong, for this pattern.

So I added a few more "f" words to my repertoire and thought about what to do.

In comes TMB to the kitchen to find me chortling away to myself.
"what are you laughing about?"
"oh I was just remembering my last pair of green cords."
"they were given to me by my sister for my birthday. They were hideous. She realised she'd made a blunder after buying them and decided to "regift" them to me."
"so why is that so funny?"
"I've just remembered it's her birthday at the end of this month."


  1. Oh they're all laughing here at that one. Actually the problem with those green cords was two problems: they were on special and seemed like a good deal (first mistake)
    they were just too small for me in every way and I bought them thinking I'd just lose a few pounds(I'm well over that illusion). Now about regifting, have a wardrobe cleanout before you come and bring all your gorgeous sewing that you no longer wear and I'll be happy to have my own wardrobe makeover. love Miri

  2. That is so funny! I would love to do that to my sister.

  3. tehehe....just the laugh I needed after being stuck inside with feverish kids for a week ;-)

    Hope you guys are well,