Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't know about outside New Zealand, but for the last year 2 trends in interior decorating have emerged quite strongly: bus blinds and word art.  

If you haven't seen word art, it usually consists of block letters, wooden, painted, arranged on walls or shelves to spell out words: things like "eat" in the kitchen "sleep" in the nursery, "play" in the living know the sort of thing.

Of course, I have amused myself greatly by imagining alternate kinds of words that might be seen above the toilet,  amongst other places. 

But why not leave a little more to the imagination and write %*!@ above the master bed, like I did. The possibilities are endless. And of course, I made the lot out of scraps.  I even stuffed them with scraps. 

Now isn't that a more imaginative, and environmentally friendly, use of word art?

PS thanks to all comment writers. I truly appreciate your kind and generous words. I don't know whether spending 2 years of my life hand stitching a quilt was an act of love or stupidity. But given the usual acts of stupidity committed in teenage years I feel I came off pretty lightly in this case. 

PPS  %*!@  seems to be word of the day ... I've just discovered someone has been into our front garden and denuded our entire lemon tree .. we're talking every edible lemon gone.


  1. You are really, really hilarious.

    I'm also very sorry about your lemon tree. You have a lemon tree? Well, that's neat.

    word verifications is: desour - Desour! That's what happened when you lemons were stolen. The tree was desoured.

  2. That is just *$#%^^& that someone violated your lemon tree! I am mortified!

    Your #&($*^%( post really did make me smirk. Especially the part about putting the letters in the toilet. Well, it IS cherry season after all!

  3. Who steals lemons?!?!
    As always I love your post. I love your word art above your bed, so good, so outrageous.

    And your bed, in previous post, is so so so beautiful! That quilt, oh my goodness. Such beautiful work.