Wednesday, January 14, 2009

crocheted cupcake

I bought back this cute little cupcake from my holiday in Nelson: gorgeous detailing on it - chocolate chips, a strawberry garnish and a dollop of cream. It's going to sit on my new shelves in the sewing room, soon as I get them installed. It will remind me of the importance of details, that details turn an ordinary garment into a special one.

I had serious sewing withdrawal on my days away.  Fortunately my sister came to the rescue and gave me a pattern to tissue fit for her and one to take away for a little bed time reading.

I now have a list of many exciting projects to undertake, but first I must finish off my "left over love" cushion in bitch fabric.   

"Cushions are a great way to use up scrap fabric,' I said to my sister. 
"Wouldn't all those scraps make the fill a little lumpy?" 
"Ah yes, I thought I might experiment by using a towel to make a thicker inner cover."
"But it will still be lumpy, and lumpy stuffing isn't that comfortable." 
"Oh but they're only to dress the bed with, so it won't matter,"
"yes but it will still look lumpy, and that's not nice."
"Oh well, maybe I'll just have to go with the lumps, use a textured outer cover, something with a pale slub running through, and call it 'ralph' or 'hurl' or something." 
"well.. I suppose you could..." her voice trailed into silence.

Maybe landfill isn't such a bad destination for these fabric scraps after all.


  1. I made a pressing ham and filled it with all my is stuffed so hard there is no chance for lumps...just an idea, like you don't already have enough projects on your list.

  2. Another suggestion for scraps which doesn't involve landfill - creche/ece centres/anywhere where kiddos abound.

    The kids love scraps for glueing onto collages... practicing sewing... using as confetti. I'm sure a centre near you would appreciate them.

  3. Did my voice really trail off into silence? I thought we started talking about something else. Anyway I thought the leftover fabric issue was resolved at my "make it into robots" suggestion.


  4. "Landfill" comes to mind too for you, huh? I wonder if someone out there is working hard on inventing a way to recycle fabric the way paper is recycled.

  5. There's nothing like a sister, after all.


  6. Actually I believe that high quality paper was at one time made out of fabric scraps. I am sorry but I canot agree with nikki about a centre wanting your fabric scraps maryanna. Firstly centres have no where to store all that stuff. Well meaning people clean out their cupboards and dump it on centres so that they start to look like clutterred landfill filled with kids instead of rats. So often at the centre I work at we have had to throw out stuff given by well meaning people. Secondly if you were moved to such an action please ask the centre first if they really do want it and can make good use of it. Well I'm sorry to be such a kill joy - today I have an infection in my leg thats gone all weird so perhaps I am not that well and really shouldn't be commenting!