Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The hope chest

The sewing room is taking shape.  I have finished painting it, and today I cleared out the blanket box, hitherto home of every scrap of fabric, notion, tool and thread. I dreaded every time I had to go into it, because the chances of finding what I was looking for was low to begin with, the chances of finding it not tangled in overlocker thread, negligible. 

I bought the box unpainted, and saw a great idea in a craft book where you painted the box in pink, and covered it with pictures of happy couples, alluding to the old custom of "hope chests" where young single women collected household linens for their future married lives.

Here's what happened, I got to the paint store, saw that this colour was called, "Kermit" and fell in love. Not with the colour, with the name. Then the reasoning process kicked in. It's not so hard to imagine kissing a frog and hoping it turns into a handsome prince. Is that fairy tale end more removed than the promise of a hope chest?  

The joke wears pretty thin after living with the colour for a while. But, in what I see now as portentous, it matches one of the colours on my blog header. 

Now it houses my stash, and will be a hope chest once more. Don't you need a lot of hope every time you start a sewing project? 


  1. As doug so aptly said to me only a week ago marynana - after hope comes despair. Lets hope that the hope chest of fabric and all their potentialities only deliver all that you ever dreamed of and that your moments of despair are few and far between. Recently I bought a top ( on impulse) at the warehouse - on sale - less than 20 bucks. Got it home - it was all wrong - so cut and chopped and resewed - wore it to work today -( got no favourable comments) asked Rosies opinion this evening - tonight it's in the rubbish. Now that's a very hope begets despair story for you. I least I am not foolish enough to wear it twice.

  2. Sigh...I've always liked that hope chest, and you're right, it's very befitting a fabric stash.
    My office has been reorganized and it still looks like too much stuff in too small a space! But slightly neater than before so that's a plus.

  3. I love the first photo, great light. And yes, SO HOPEFUL. Gorgeous. And I love it that you fell in love with a paint color on its name.
    Happy New Year!