Thursday, January 29, 2009

non cogiteram ergo dissuo

It means, "I wasn't thinking, therefore I unpick." 

It is, of course, in relation to the Alice +Olivia pant. I'm about 50 steps through and they're going to be too tight.  Should have known. That old rule, "make your muslin in fabric that behaves in similar ways to your final fabric."  You know that rule? Well, what does polycotton with 5% lycra and cotton drill have in common? Nothing, one stretches, the other doesn't. So one makes you think you've made a size too big, the other tells you you've made a size too small.  I'll finish them anyway, and pour myself into them for a shot and then it's straight to the pink bag. 

I'm really bummed about it, because they are very time consuming and detailed and if they had fit well they would have been a great addition to my wardrobe.

I sat down last night with a glass of wine and a block of chocolate and thought about what to do about it. I realised first off that dieting to fit into them wasn't an option. Nor is putting them in my wardrobe with the hope that one day I might fit them. They'll just mock me every time I open the door. Finishing them with pride, and then passing them on to someone who really is a size 14 seems a good bet to me, since I unpicked them and resewed with the smallest seam allowance possible and they are still too tight.

Still, 2 wonderful things happened to me today that have made me realise that the pain of struggling through those back welt pockets for someone else will soon fade. 

First off, Elle from Wardrobe Revival nominated me for a blogging award. That is so sweet, it's really nice to know someone else gets the joke. Thank you Elle, I accept with pride. I am supposed to pass it on to 7 others but I can't do that : there are too many wonderful blogs out there for me to possibly choose. Not only do I look at the ones down my toolbar, but I follow the ones on their toolbar, and then in my bookmarks folder I have links to ones on no-one's toolbar, but I like to keep a lazy eye on what they're making. How to choose? Impossible. Everyone has something unique to offer, that's the beauty of it.

Secondly I had a wonderful day op shopping. Mary, the woman who runs the Hospice in the village,  invited me out the back to look though their fabric stash. I got some lovely retro fabrics. I got a cotton sateen, and a cotton muslin, and a plain cotton. I got 2 table cloths. One in linen, in perfect condition, and the other on our table, at least for now, until I get around to refashioning it into an apron for Playcentre. 

I realised a very important thing in relation to the Alice + Olivia pant. I haven't the mental energy for complicated patterns at the moment.  I kinda said it before, but this time I'm listening.


  1. I'll have them! I'll have them! I'll have them! I probably won't fit them either...but if I do then I'll have them!

    And that's so cool you got an award, you deserve it you witty creative latin-speaking op-shopper you. Mwa, mwa!

  2. I love the way you write, great post today. Am also quite mad about that green tablecloth, it's going to be the best-dressed apron at playcentre. I have some projects I need to let go too...

  3. I'm feeling your pain. Actually, it is very noble of you to stop there...and not try to put stripes in the side (like I have done in the past, can't recommend it), wear baggy shirts over the top, put them on wet so that they dry at the right size (also not particularly effective). I hope that you find somebody to love them.

  4. Oh wah! I am sad about those pants! It looks like Miss Smith is happy to have a hand-me-down though! Yes, there are times in life for complex knitting (for me) and now isn't one of them. So I will keep making cute baby hats, practically mindless to make, and satisfying.
    And I am a little scared about my quilt date this Sunday...I am at the first step of putting a border on and afraid of the unknown.
    Thanks for your encouraging words on my post of yesterday. Don't let the pants get you down!

  5. Me? Joke? Never! Actually, to be honest I'm not precisely sure what it is all about and when I got the nominations I was like 'Oh, thanks. Thats nice', and enjoyed the warm fuzzy without taking it too seriously simply because I had no idea what it actually was. Then as I was doing my usual blog crawl I found out that apparently there is an award season or something when they give these things out, and I saw others taking it quite seriously. Thus I thought I better buck up my ideas and show some appreciation and share the accolade, because it is deserved, and it does feel good to be acknowledged, and to do the acknowledging. BTW Miss Smith needs to check her Nigel post I left her one too. Got to share the love in lil ol' NZ.

  6. I sewed V8450 in a rayon knit. I never read the back of the envelope nor the large "For Moderate Knits" printed on the pattern pieces.

    I never knew rayon knit could hang so bad. It just kept growing and drooping. It was a sucker to gravity.

    Anyway... congrats on being nominated!