Monday, January 26, 2009

Aah  thank you North Shore City Council there is just so much to love about your anti-fouling message.  Evidence suggests that the model for this poster had a hearty lunch and an excellent digestive system.  I applaud your desire for a quick clean up, and I believe the steam adds the urgency required to illustrate the word "immediately" effectively.

More importantly, it's good to see the council taking the matter of dog fouling so seriously with a fine stiff enough to earn respect. I can see you mean business too, with your 24 hour action line. 

Breathe easy Aucklanders, it's safe to walk barefoot in Birkenhead.

Isn't it amazing the threads of interest we carry through life. I first became interested in anti-fouling signage in Vienna, when there was a prominent sign in Freud's communal garden: being in German gave the sign a certain gravitas that greatly amused. Freud could have spent years analyzing his own grass.

I think the Alice + Olivia pants are getting to me. I'm only 8 steps through. 56 to go.


  1. And thank you, Mary Anna, for showing us another Auckland signage treasure. I agree, the piece de resistance is the steam.

  2. You have been nominated for Kreative Blogger! Entirely because of the dog poo post ... just kidding. I am glad you found my blog as I enjoy reading yours. Thanks. I had to type arselype into this word verification to post this comment. What could this mean?

  3. Ha ha ha to the idea of Freud analysing his own grass. That's hilarious!!!