Thursday, January 15, 2009

Left over love cushions

Left over love cushion tutorial

  • bitch fabric   
  1. anything that frays easily and will get trapped in your feed-dog, or will fray outside the scant 6 mm (1/4 inch) seam allowance.
  2. anything silky that is cut on the bias
  3. anything that moves a lot when you cut it out.  To test, cut a small square, and hold up. Does it still look like a square ? 
  4. anything which is followed by the words crepe, georgette, satin or charmeuse  
  5. anything sheer so you have to sew a separate inner
  6. you can make your own bitch fabric by taking a nice easy piece of fabric and adding piping to the edges without a piping foot
Sew, cussing as you try to ease the circles into the gusset. 

I had the worst afternoon of sewing ever to try to sew these cushions. "Lumpy Love" got finished, and actually looks very nice on on the spare bed with the other dressed cushions.

The second one, the one with the white and brown slub so perfect for my "Ralph" cushion was the biggest nightmare of my sewing career. Yes really. Oh except the fabric and stuffing cost me nothing. Plenty of insult, but no real injury.

I made some piping for the cushion which stretched so badly that it shrunk the outer cushion by 3 inches when I attached it. I cut the bottom down accordingly and sewed, unpicked, sewed, unpicked, sewed, unpicked still couldn't get it to fit the gusset. Finally it did but it was smaller than the top piece so it made a big fat ice-cream cone cushion. I would show you a photo but I still have some pride.
Thank you for all your suggestions for the rest of my leftovers, which I will implement as soon as I can bare to look at another scrap. 

So it's back to Vogue 1051 the famed "64 step Alice + Olivia pant", real thing. 

I could be gone some time. 


  1. Do the cushions stay bitchy once you've sewed them? I mean, do they whisper nasty things to eachother about you every time you walk past them?

  2. Love the cushions but don't think I'd be up to wrestling with my b*tch fabric and then being taunted by the finished cushions. Your post had me laughing, thanks!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahasnortha!

  4. Hi. I wanted to let you know that I added the flickr site to the patternreview on the Vogue yellow top so you can see a closer view of the sleeves.