Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Or is it better to give?

I don't want to draw your attention to this, but the pokey out bit at the side is not like that in real life. This bag is just pulling a face for the camera. Wind changes you'll get stuck like that!

Here is my sister's birthday present. I know she'll like it cause it's pretty much a replica of the last one I made for a give away... (Estelle bag). ...which she liked, and when I phoned her she said to me, "Have you rung me to tell me I've won MY bag," or words to that effect.

This time I used the wool from my "skinny (pa ha ha ... they're size 20... I will not get over that in a hurry) pants" for the trim, and I lined it with a lovely apricot china silk from Christy. That's a nice touch, since my sister also reads her blog, but in a lurkish fashion. (This is not my blogging sister, this is one of the others).

I added the usual doily touch on the inner pocket (my nana signature) and interlined it this time with a heavy interfacing. Then I added buttons at the top to stabilize the pleats and join the three layers.

Scissors back in 3 days. Tra la la la LA. Meantime there is a lot of Burda World of Weird German Fashion patterns being traced.


  1. Oh ho! Very nice! I love that bag, and Marg will too, nothing surer than that! I think the button trimming is particularly snazzy.

  2. Choice! Love the pleats and the buttons.
    Looking at that fabric makes me feel all fidgety about the fact that I really should get around to making my coat out of the metres and metres of the stuff I bought. Hey...must be nearly time for another one of those sales ;-)

    And yup...count me in for S&B on the 15th. Will be in touch,


  3. There's another Smith sister blog lurker named Marg? Well, that just made me a little bit giddy and silly. Now I get to imagine what I think she looks like. I'm imagining. Just a minute.
    Oh! Yep, she's lovely too. That is a fantastic purse. I mean really, its as tailored as a pair of fancy pants.

  4. I can understand why your sister wanted that giveaway bag - it's AWESOME! I use it all the time now and often get comments about it. Love the fabric, as it goes with most things I wear everyday. :D

  5. Really nice design on this bag! I like the details you chose -- buttons and doily esp. I predict a very happy sister!

  6. great bag and I love the extra special signature touches of buttons & doily. I'm sure your sister will be delighted with her new bag!

  7. Super bag! You are such an expert...I am always astonished at what you are able to make.
    I laid out my quilt top and decided which border rectangles to put where, pinned them, then realized I was so tired from my cold that I had to lie down, had to take the whole business carefully away for later. And haven't done a thing since. At least I know those strips are READY for me. And soon I will be ready for THEM.


  8. Love your bag and speaking of doilies... check out the doily love here: