Thursday, April 9, 2009


OK, progress is being made on the top. I'm just too scared to use the twin needle again, so the hem still awaits attention.

I'm no knit guru, but last time I sewed 2 way stretch I had the nous to use a walking foot. This time, in my impatience to use my new machine I launched in, completely forgetting the vice like grip of the presser foot as it drags itself over knit. Be careful what you wish for eh? I did say, I wanted a feed dog with some bite.

I did remember though, about the importance of aforementioned walking foot, after it had completely puckered the bias on the cross over parts of the front neck line. Of course in my desire to do it properly I had used a twin needle, a microscopic stitch length and perfectly matching thread. Result: unpicking hell.

I had the good sense to quit before I could take to it with my newly sharpened scissors and headed over to Elle's blog to enjoy the vicarious thrill of someone taking the time to do things properly. Then I visited Diana's blog, to share in a little unpicking camaraderie.

Today it's back and still jibbery puckery but I can live with that. The hem will be tricky, as that littl' eel "never let go" foot drags itself crosswise over fabric with 100% stretch one can only imagine the tsunami to follow.


  1. Maybe packing tissue between the foot and the fabric ... but pulling the paper out of the sitching is only slightly less painful than unpicking as you described it :-P ... Tacking the hem first? ... umm out of ideas ... The top looks really glamerous and elegant and it needs to have a nice hem. You cannot soften the foot pressure on your machine? On mine there is a dial up the top that lightens things up a bit. Don't forget to cut the seam allowances at the hem edge so you can get the allowances on either side of the hem edge to lie beside each other and not on top, you may already do that but it took me awhile to learn and it made such a difference I thought it worth mentioning ... looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Bugger. Looks good, though - I like the arty sunshine through the window shot. you want to borrow my walking foot? It should fit your Bernina too, I'm guessing. Just sing out if you want to - we're around all weekend.

    Have a great Easter,


  3. It's looking pretty great, even if you haven't finished the hem yet! I just bought the BWOF issue with this top in it, I think I may give it a try. Now, I'm no super-expert, but I just did a little video tutorial at my blog on twin-needle stitching... did you use your new activa? My instinct would have been to tell you to lighten the presser-foot pressure, but I know that that machine doesn't have that adjustment. Surely though other people with this machine have another method... maybe ask over at

  4. What a flattering top! What a great choice to sew up. Bet it will look great with your new pants. :)

  5. I like the way your top looks in the merino knit. Yes, a walking foot might help.

  6. Have you tried using a light fusible in your hem and really pushing the fabric through from the front (lower your feed dog tension too)? Also, if you put your finger behind your foot and sort of bunch up the fabric it seems to help too. Although, I could never make the twin needle work either so I bought a coverestitch machine. :)

  7. This is wool isn't it? I find a good whoosh of steam really helps tame the twin-needle puckers (whoosh, no actual contact). Try washing it before you wear it too :-).